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Got to get back into the nitty gritty
Of  joining the community
Accepting people with their faults
and flaws.
The only way in
Is the only way out
When you build bridges with
The people in the community.
Be humble and do not judge .
Get along side them
Get out there in the community.
Draw people into the church
By getting along side them
After all you were once
Were struggling.
We need to start caring
And sharing true
Community spirit
After all Jesus did.
Rockie Nov 2014
Party for One;
Yes that's right;
One, not two;
Not even three!
You heard me,
Party for One,
People are a ton
To handle
In groups
All claustrophobic
And bustling
And so,
This is it,
Party for One.
AvengingPoet Oct 2014
tell me once again
how we’re all a different ***
we’re all a different race
we’re all a different…whatever the ****
why don’t we all just shut the **** up for a sec?
i’ve got this crazy idea
that maybe we should stop defending specific groups
and ******* advocate for individuals
it might be ******* crazy i know
but i’ll sit around and advocate it
while you sit around and complain and argue
about black, white, man, female,
that’s what They ******* want…

…you ******* idiots.
I've got this
religion building up inside
I need to let go of the outside
though I know not which
voice is mine to find
I've gotta drive home
without a vehicle to ride
I've got to drive home

Where was it you sang?
I felt your low resonance
I felt you in the blood pumped
through my lungs
at one time
your breathiness
absorbed in my dreams
watching me sleep
Today, I'm gone

Today I am completely ******* gone--
I got this

— The End —