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james nordlund Jun 2020
Humanity's call,

being unburdening,

when shoulder's put to it.

Adapting to reality,

a path less traveled

and travailed.
Infathomable in it's dimension.  Heart, like the wind moves, only everything and nothing at all also nowhere as well as everywhere, at once   :)   reality
james nordlund May 2020
Awakened, illimitable potential, indivisible
as life, you, can stop them and their coronaing
All.  If one doesn't die to the life every moment,
then they not only never have lived, but, will not
rise from those ashes, as a phoenix in flight
dives and dashes up that cross, more deftly
in finality, unto a wondrous plain, it's the plain
boss, the plain.  If you're not taking bullets
you are making them. This Mother's Day, leave no
footprints that followed none, which will echo
on in all ways, always, abolish fossil fuels use,
walk in nature's balance, giving back to her
abundance, each one reach and teach one, to
turn 360 degrees around, back to the evolution
and future, humanity will only have if you do.
The 'big fix' is in, if it ain't fixed don't
break it. Vote early, protect, occupy and GOTV,
be well, viva la vida, solidaridad, la evolucion.
Good Mother's Day to All mothers.  Thanx for all you All do and don't; have an excellent eve'   :)   reality
james nordlund Apr 2020
Sitting on this moonlit night,

Not able to forget when we,

At our height,

Were one then three,

Two hearts overflowed with love,

Being with you I knew was meant to be,

Nothing could separate us,

Or compare to Thee.
They say "love's a many splendid things", what they don't say is that the people you'll love aren't.  Thanx for all you All do and don't.  Have an excellent eve'   :)   reality
james nordlund Apr 2020
The great Ellis Marsalis, Jr., died of corona virus in NOLA,
one of a thousand that passed away this Avril Fool's, from it,
all of whom will be missed dearly, "...we(e),..."'ll ever bay.

In his day, near his death, (W.A.) Mozart said to his wife,
"I fear I am writing a requiem for myself", as he composed
'Requiem Mass in D minor- Lacrimosa', of unparalleled beauty.

With rheumatic fever hitting Europe at that time, and soon
after, yellow fever in Philly, here, epidemics and pandemics
became common, the worst, 1918 Spanish Flu, 1/2 a bill dead.

listening to comedy ring hollow, a necessary alternative to
the news that isn't new, my ear longs for his veracious music.
How can USA have the worst response to it among technocracies?

Our king-kong sized terrible-two, ****, playing his keystone
President act for 3 months has determined the repub conspiracy's,
global oligarchy's agenda's yoke tighten around the people's neck.

The stealing of social security from the elderly, infirm, through
Covid-19 exterminating them more than others, this couldn't get
done politcally by the repubs for 2 decades.  As well, the poor

to lower-middle-class, especially people of color, can't afford
to defend themselves usually, now it's worse. "Stimulus bills"?,  
over 1/2 a trill to bail out small, big businesses, pay big Pharma,

medical supplies corps, who're already making hand over fist from
the bidding war between States, federal agencies, dictating Bush,
**** klans who're heavily invested, ever increasing kafknching.

Coastal regions, big cities, mostly dems, are murdered more by
virtue of #, close proximity, needs, ****'s re-election plan.
This while he kept his criminal cuts to SNAP, still stealing food

from mouths of babes and handing it to billionaires.  Same as
it ever was, class war, repubs using jobs they don't do, to mass-
exterminate non-repubs instead.  like the serial murderers who

masquerade as cops, killers ..., as doctors, judges as justices.
The 'big fix' is in, if it ain't fixed don't break it, stop all
criminal insanity, if not you then who, here, where, now, when?

This leaf of poetree, although it just a twig be, may be my last.
If so, I'm honored to pass with such great artists, yet, hopefully
not from skyrocketing price of living.  Social distance, wear mask.
"The sleepers must awaken" (before they're extincted by climate change), movie Dune.  Thanx for all you All do.  Have a great eve'   ;)   reality
james nordlund Apr 2020
Sunrise' polyphony subsuming last night's silences.  So too,
corona's chaste environs have no place for Avril's fool.

This morn's melodies exhumed by me, fended off dissonance,
until it rose to this afternoon's busy messes cacophony.

Yet, as an avian's trill still rings true, birdsong was sung of what
I'd done, a symphony of empathetic acts danced to a soul's tune.
Not only hope springs eternal, experiential knowledge does too.  Thanx for all you All do.  Have a good eve'   :)   reality
james nordlund Jan 2020
Not just what, where, when, who,
how and why is grace too,
(but never Y2K,) always asked
on our heart paths, yet,
never definitively answered.  

Like the first snow on the morn'
of Christmas, the most moving
and brilliant time of the year.
Every snowflake a crystalline
one of a kind work of art that shines.

For grace can't be sought,
it seeks you.  
While our light's adding
to the well of light,
our every step's in grace, we,

humbly giving the gifts, blessings
bestowed, leave no (carbon) footprints
that followed none, which echo on,
in all ways, always,
if ....
Hello, indeed, it's not our power that uplifts another when we outstretch our hand to .... Wonderful work, inspiring; thanx for all you do. A couple of thoughts. Why is something like domestic terrorism, once happening once every year, now daily in the usa, happening, happening more? The question answers itself. If something's happening only more over decades, it's happening because the unpowers that unbe want it to. More circumstantial evidence, the domestic terrorist attacks are almost never called terrorist attacks if they're done by caucasians, white supremacists, supposed Christians, who do the majority of the attacks. If by non-Christians, non-caucasians, usually called terrorist attacks. In almost any other country the task to stop the terrorist attacks would be given to the military and police top intelligence, FBI equivalents, etc., and the leaders of the secessionists, white supremacists groups would be rounded up and given military tribunal trials, as well as shot at dawn; two three weeks maximum- end of all terrorism. As well king george and his ****, cheney, floated alot of ideas to extremely enrich the global oligarchy and it's spearhead, the republican conspiracy; especially in his second term as President. One, universal mass diagnosis for psych conditions, because the Bush clan is heavily invested in big pharma. It was so unpopular that he had to water it down to universal diagnosis of the young; and he still couldn't keep it afloat- thank goodness. Notice how after every terrorist attack republicans define the attackers not as terrorists or even criminals; rather, as the mentally ill- even Trump does this. Also, Trump's 'fixer' before Guliani, was Michael Cohen, who sold access to Trump to the big pharma, Navaritus, for 1 million $. More circumstantial evidence is everywhere, Rev Al called the slaughter of 21, 6 year olds, and 6 school admin., in Newtown, "a shooting". They're doing a full court press over decades, since Columbine, for increasing the profits of big pharma and the politicians that will be needed to get it done; eventually. As well, the necessary loosening of restrictions, regulations, laws, loss of liberties, in order to get all that done, will also make it much easier to falsely incarcerate non-republicans in psych. hospitals, wards against their will; as well as dictating forced medication of them, ECT, etc., that would permanently alter their brain chemistry, or at least their attitudes towards resisting republican dictates- self-censoring through to self-destroying, etc..  May this New Year find you new everyday all the way through  :)   reality
james nordlund Dec 2019
Since "...we(e),..." allowed Liberty's torch to be scorched,

Bell cracked, it's knell snatched, decades ago,

by not exercising our civic responsibilities, duties,

and thereby allowing responsibility's Siamese twin sister,

freedom, to wither like an unexercised muscle as well,

we must first exorcise our society of

self through to other possession

in order to exercise our responsibilities

and again have lefts, rights and freedoms.
Until then, what's free, what rights, freedoms

do we actually have?  I, personally am not

allowed to breath, et tu?

If we don't, there's no hope,

let alone assurance, that our progeny,

we say we love, will even live.
As Shakespeare related in his play ‘Macbeth’, “Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and is heard no more. It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”, without joy; the stretto as a result of living well. Thanx for all you do and don’t. Have a great day
james nordlund Dec 2019
Exigency replacing humanity,
merchants, only for more
through to mercs for unending
unneccessary war.
C'est tres facile pour la machine,
addictive personality disorder
replacing human being,
c'est la unvie, no?

Oligarchic vacuum-up being almost
always on only leaves a trickle down,
only, when it's accidentally turned off.  
So the interlocking, laced economic
systems base, scarcity, that they think
they've replaced nature's abundance with,
details violence in all hues of all colors
of the rainbow, not just choosing to not know.

An addiction, like any other,
that can be treated just so.
When one weeds the garden within,
turns the inside out, a ray of Thee's Light
without, And within, it doubling,
doubles again outside, Bliss begins,
peace on wing sings, Soulshine
shared on and on, evolves life, echoing.
'One Nation' by Joya Soul   :)

Exactly, even though violence is a delusional direction and more than exponentially worse than the illusion of non-violence’s illusory direction, “…we(e),…” must still struggle with the illusion of non-violence, whilst walking it’s path; no?  Thanx for all you do   :)   reality
james nordlund Nov 2019
As machinations of

travailing winds,

miraging, veil and mirror

narcissistic nihlistic

false-ego, as self,

"...we(e),..." evince to be.

Finding that find,

giving it away,

aliveness being this day,

and further searching,

to be this day

what it is to be this day.
Feeling thanx, gratefulness, and mourning the losses to Native Americans more before this Thanx/Mourning Day; more than before any other.  Blessings be....   :)   reality
james nordlund Nov 2019
I am thankful for,

The wonder of our

Morning star's rise,

And it's setting

Within our eyes,

On this Beauty Way

We build each day

With great surprise.

Native's compassion taught

Pilgrims at Plymouth

How to live within, give to,

Nature's abundance.

That providence sowed

Reaped graces' harvest,

Fraternity, bearing

Fruits to this day.

We gave Native America genocide, Earthocide.  

Chief Seattle said, "no one can own the land".

Bowing to Above and Below, for gifts bestowed,

Giving, may we, again, walk that way.

While giving thanx

This full Moon's day,

There, but for the grace

Of God, Great Spirit, go I.
Colimbus Day can go away for indigenous Day; no?
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