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james nordlund Apr 2020
Yet put to it,

Humanity's call,

Being unburdening,

A path less traveled,

'The big
fix' is in, if it ain't fixed don't break it.  
Social distance, wear masks, protect and GOTV,
viva la vida, viva la evolucion.  Thanx for all you All do and don't; have a good eve'   :)   reality
james nordlund Apr 2020
****, his admin., are ‘using’ the corona virus
as multiple means to their plethora of ends.  
Many, many ends, ends of lives, animal, humane
and otherwise, will be taking place due to their
modus operandi.  How much will it matter how
"close and together" we've become if there’s
250,000 less humane, if a % of the remaining
don’t vote in the election in the Fall because
the “virus will come back with a vengeance,
for a lot of people will go back to operating
as if it’s gone, just because things got better
by Summer”, out of fear of dying or causing
the death by pandemic of their family, friends,
and a king-kong sized terrible-two gets re-
installed into the Black-house?  After the bi-
polar axi of global supposed power, socialist,
totalitarian China, Utin one and his ****, the
other, capitalist, republican one conspired to
try and cower the usa citizenry with their
fake trade war, that was no more than a repub
increase of tax on each citizen, because the
Chinese corps. just increased their prices on
consumer goods to cover the cost of tariffs,
failed to, it's plausible that they came up
with the pandemic to permanently cower man,
the environmental cause and segue humanity
into it's extinction.  Awakened, illimitable
potential, indivisible as life, you, can stop
them.  If you're not taking bullets you're
making them.  The 'big fix' is in, if it ain't
fixed don't break it.  Social distance, wear
masks, vote early, protect, occupy and GOTV,
be well, viva la vida, viva la evolucion.
( It was hacked off two places on another poetry site so i made it better; do you agree? )   What happened in Wisconsin yesterday is an example of what will happen in the General election in the Fall, how many got infected because the repubs wouldn't allow voting by mail; how many of them will die?  "The sleepers must awaken", the movie, 'Dune'.  Thanx for all you All do and have a good eve'   :)   reality
james nordlund Apr 2020
Sunrise' polyphony subsuming last night's silences.  So too,
corona's chaste environs have no place for Avril's fool.

This morn's melodies exhumed by me, fended off dissonance,
until it rose to this afternoon's busy messes cacophony.

Yet, as an avian's trill still rings true, birdsong was sung of what
I'd done, a symphony of empathetic acts danced to a soul's tune.
Not only hope springs eternal, experiential knowledge does too.  Thanx for all you All do.  Have a good eve'   :)   reality
james nordlund Mar 2020
Does this heart reddened with love, that swells unfathomably, sink to thee?

What ever was, ever will be, will always be surrounded by blackened space.

What of the lily, glistening with morning dew, filling an eye vastly as you?

Vacuous nights color, immeasurably vaster than all that ever was within it.

Yet, can it dim ruby red lips desire, undo it's flame of love's fire, ever?

To each there's but a parley with Cosmos' black, a short stint, just that.
Work in progress   :)   reality
james nordlund Mar 2020
Whilst there is no 'Devil', which the Roman Catholic Empire needs to, and projects, exists,
while that's just them dictating their notsee/totalitarian control over the world, there is
the closest thing that has ever existed to it, the united **** of assassin's gov't's '****',
as it's called on the street, specifically the republikan conspiracy's psychic-terrorism.
This 'devil', which is dictating their 'final solution' for humanity is the only game in town,
like ******'s was (though they did a slower blitzkrieg by dividing and conquering the country
into a baskin 'n robbins of 23 flavors of supremacy), as well as a plethora of conspiracies,
which 'gotherdone', all feeding on the genocide of heterosexual, Caucasian, non-republican
newborns to men, this notsee dictatorship's 'Jews', which includes some of them too, ends all.

Climate crisis and our king-kong sized terrible-two, ****'s playing his keystone President
act for two months has determined his, the republikan conspiracy's, global oligarchy's
agenda, which they couldn't get done politically for the last 2 decades, the stealing of
social security from the elderly, infirm.  Instead of privatizing S.S. they're exterminating
recipients through the purposeful spread of corona virus, which kills the elderly, infirm,
predominantly.  Also, daily domestic notsee attacks by the republikan party has numbed the
populace to them, so their doing terrorist attacks before the election won't have the same
effects of determining a polity vote more right-wing, ergo, plausibly deniable extermination
by pandemic, incompetence, is happening instead.  Will dreamers awaken before their ******?  

This is nothing new, the republikan conspiracy led Gov't, it's **** and millions of minions,
Neuter newborns, anatomically destroy toddlers, kids, teens, adults constantly, also doing
all crime, spreading all disease, pestilence against and to them, shoving it down their
throats to further their ****** of those non-republikans.  How could you not know their the
devil.  Every republikan uses their jobs they supposedly do to exterminate non-republikans
instead.  That's the same as ******'s minions did, for it wasn't generals, admirals, etc.,
who realized his and his ***** rise, it was the file-clerks, receptionists, cab drivers all
destroying, committing treason every moment, instead of doing their jobs, like the serial
murderers who masquerade as cops, exterminators ..., as doctors, judges ..., as justices.  

**** and his admin. were informed by 17 intelligence agencies about corona in january, he
lied about it extremely, pathologically and still is, as recently as March he was saying
"we have 5 cases and by the end of the week we'll have one, then it'll disappear", in order
to determine as many people were infected as possible before the states jumped in to try to
stop it, the highest of treason.  Simply because the quickest spread will be in the largest
metropolitan areas, specifically Cali and NY, where most voters are democrat or too sane to
vote ****.  Also, the predominance of infections and mortality will be in the lower-middle-
class to poor, 60 % of the nation, who can't defend themselves as well, and will die from
it more, price of living skyrocketing, people have less $ than ever, class war by pandemic.  

His latest, "the cure's worse than the pandemic", everyone should die by criminally insanely
putting them all back to work 'til death, to get Utin's **** more $ sooner from his corps.
I told you during the campaign that if he won we'd be lucky if he doesn't pull a Caligula,
that's only three steps from his current hitlerian positions.  The "Stimulus bills", the
Dems are pushing back but the Repubs are getting the edge as ever, 1/2 a trill to bail out
big businesses and they kept his criminal cuts to food stamps, still stealing food from the
mouths of babes and handing it to billionaires.  Pharma, medical supplies corps making hand
over fist from bidding war between States, federal agencies, Bush, **** klans kafknchinging.  
The 'big fix' is in, if it ain't fixed don't break it, stop criminal insanity, vote Bernie.
It's a twig of poetree in progress.  CLIA = central lack of intelligence agency.  The 'big fix is in', stop criminal insanity, vote Bernie; please.  Thanx for all you All do; have a good day   :)   reality
james nordlund Jan 2020
As an oak will not grow in another's shadow,
so too our struggles, solutioning with reality
while as one and three, a couple in harmony,
must also be independent to whatever degree.

Thus, being as water, yin, and as air, yang, we
find a dance gestured by seasons of romance.
The choreographer's mind's path undefined,
like last moment's awe makes way for this one's.

A canvas with frameless frame and reality
as the brush painting us, even it's shadows
speak of light.  Beingness as gleaned meanings
for all to share, seen through, if we were there.

A cacaphony, symphony heralding
song of the Universe, Earth and spheres.
From adagio, staccato, through to avante-garde.
Life sung accompanying the abundance of joy's Spring.

As poetry's music fathoms the depths of our heart,
heights of our intellect and imagination,
breadth of our spirit, well of our soul,
alluding to the unknown saliently.

Also, climate crisis demands a bond of Earthlings
stronger than ever before, and he or she
must be at the fore', if they want their progeny
community, partner, humanity to even live.
First draft.  Few love song titles come to mind to inspire   :)   'looks like we made it'; 'you're still the one'; 'no ordinary love'; 'aloha'; 'this love'; 'love stays'; 'i won't go for more'; 'concerto de aranjuez'; 'white flag'; 'thank you'; 'i can't make you love me'; 'love's in need of love today'; 'could  you be loved'; 'bring me your cup'; 'soldier of love'; 'rise'; 'the rose'; '**** i wish i were your lover'; 'oro se do bheatha bhaile'; 'nothing compares to you'; 'candles in the rain'; 'woodstock'; 'for free'; 'all about our love'; 'power of love'; 'my heart will go on'; 'crazy'; 'i will always love you'; 'i want to know what love is'; 'Merry Christmas mr lawrence'; 'either or both'; 'never letting go'; 'love don't live here anymore'; wishing on a star'; 'first time ever i saw your face'; 'i love you just because'; 'through the fire'; 'sweet love'; just the two of us'; ''ain't no sunshine when she's gone'; 'this will be'; 'got to be real'; 'angel'; 'this is it'; 'in your eyes'; 'what i am'; 'i do'; 'love like we do'; 'always on my mind'; 'shout'; 'in the air tonight'; 'the pina colada song'; 'all around the world'; 'un-break my heart'; 'ain't nobody'; 'just be good to me'; 'fire on babylon'; 'love's a battlefield'; 'don't dream it's over'; 'warpaint'; 'words weren't made for cowards'; 'sangria'; 'i hope you dance'; 'cowboy take me away'; 'lines in the balance'; 'colour of your dreams'; 'now and forever'; 'only love is real'; 'one more try'; 'like a prayer'; 'reach'; 'if'; 'what if'; 'higher ground'; 'river of souls'; 'torn'; 'one'; 'pride'; 'great love'; 'you were meant for me'; 'what about love'; 'love is blind'; 'you are love'; 'ghost dance'; 'huron beltane fire dance'; 'natural mystic'; 'less os more'; 'hissing of summer lawns'; 'forgetting ohio'; 'thank you (2)'; 'break your heart'; 'you've gotta be'; 'everybody hurts'; 'go your own way'; 'holding back the years'; 'the look of love';'as i lay me down'; 'the jungle line'; 'the beat of black wings'; 'pull up to the bumper'; 'rolling in the deep'; 'one man one vote'; 'together we rise'; 'smile'; 'feelings'; 'when we were young'; 'make you feel my love'.  May this New Year find you All new, everyday, all the way through   :)   reality
james nordlund Jan 2020
Not just what, where, when, who,
how and why is grace too,
(but never Y2K,) always asked
on our heart paths, yet,
never definitively answered.  

Like the first snow on the morn'
of Christmas, the most moving
and brilliant time of the year.
Every snowflake a crystalline
one of a kind work of art that shines.

For grace can't be sought,
it seeks you.  
While our light's adding
to the well of light,
our every step's in grace, we,

humbly giving the gifts, blessings
bestowed, leave no (carbon) footprints
that followed none, which echo on,
in all ways, always,
if ....
Hello, indeed, it's not our power that uplifts another when we outstretch our hand to .... Wonderful work, inspiring; thanx for all you do. A couple of thoughts. Why is something like domestic terrorism, once happening once every year, now daily in the usa, happening, happening more? The question answers itself. If something's happening only more over decades, it's happening because the unpowers that unbe want it to. More circumstantial evidence, the domestic terrorist attacks are almost never called terrorist attacks if they're done by caucasians, white supremacists, supposed Christians, who do the majority of the attacks. If by non-Christians, non-caucasians, usually called terrorist attacks. In almost any other country the task to stop the terrorist attacks would be given to the military and police top intelligence, FBI equivalents, etc., and the leaders of the secessionists, white supremacists groups would be rounded up and given military tribunal trials, as well as shot at dawn; two three weeks maximum- end of all terrorism. As well king george and his ****, cheney, floated alot of ideas to extremely enrich the global oligarchy and it's spearhead, the republican conspiracy; especially in his second term as President. One, universal mass diagnosis for psych conditions, because the Bush clan is heavily invested in big pharma. It was so unpopular that he had to water it down to universal diagnosis of the young; and he still couldn't keep it afloat- thank goodness. Notice how after every terrorist attack republicans define the attackers not as terrorists or even criminals; rather, as the mentally ill- even Trump does this. Also, Trump's 'fixer' before Guliani, was Michael Cohen, who sold access to Trump to the big pharma, Navaritus, for 1 million $. More circumstantial evidence is everywhere, Rev Al called the slaughter of 21, 6 year olds, and 6 school admin., in Newtown, "a shooting". They're doing a full court press over decades, since Columbine, for increasing the profits of big pharma and the politicians that will be needed to get it done; eventually. As well, the necessary loosening of restrictions, regulations, laws, loss of liberties, in order to get all that done, will also make it much easier to falsely incarcerate non-republicans in psych. hospitals, wards against their will; as well as dictating forced medication of them, ECT, etc., that would permanently alter their brain chemistry, or at least their attitudes towards resisting republican dictates- self-censoring through to self-destroying, etc..  May this New Year find you new everyday all the way through  :)   reality
james nordlund Dec 2019
It was not dying to the life, sleep,

so one can be reborn in the morn’.
As we inhale, aspire, we exhale, inspire,

the breath of life is spiritual.

So too, to awake is as a promise

we made before we were born,

to be life.  It is, this new day

is given to be anew.

Awakened newly to the world,

which has also evolved in it’s newness.  

It's for us to find and be what it is

to be this new day.
Happy Holidays All, blessings be ....  Thanx for all you do.  Have a good day  :)   reality
james nordlund Dec 2019
Since "...we(e),..." allowed Liberty's torch to be scorched,

Bell cracked, it's knell snatched, decades ago,

by not exercising our civic responsibilities, duties,

and thereby allowing responsibility's Siamese twin sister,

freedom, to wither like an unexercised muscle as well,

we must first exorcise our society of

self through to other possession

in order to exercise our responsibilities

and again have lefts, rights and freedoms.
Until then, what's free, what rights, freedoms

do we actually have?  I, personally am not

allowed to breath, et tu?

If we don't, there's no hope,

let alone assurance, that our progeny,

we say we love, will even live.
As Shakespeare related in his play ‘Macbeth’, “Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and is heard no more. It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”, without joy; the stretto as a result of living well. Thanx for all you do and don’t. Have a great day
james nordlund Dec 2019
Exigency replacing humanity,
merchants, only for more
through to mercs for unending
unneccessary war.
C'est tres facile pour la machine,
addictive personality disorder
replacing human being,
c'est la unvie, no?

Oligarchic vacuum-up being almost
always on only leaves a trickle down,
only, when it's accidentally turned off.  
So the interlocking, laced economic
systems base, scarcity, that they think
they've replaced nature's abundance with,
details violence in all hues of all colors
of the rainbow, not just choosing to not know.

An addiction, like any other,
that can be treated just so.
When one weeds the garden within,
turns the inside out, a ray of Thee's Light
without, And within, it doubling,
doubles again outside, Bliss begins,
peace on wing sings, Soulshine
shared on and on, evolves life, echoing.
'One Nation' by Joya Soul   :)

Exactly, even though violence is a delusional direction and more than exponentially worse than the illusion of non-violence’s illusory direction, “…we(e),…” must still struggle with the illusion of non-violence, whilst walking it’s path; no?  Thanx for all you do   :)   reality
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