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Jun 2020
Instead.  You see, Ebony, ivory supremacies, that head-up the baskin + robbins of
23 flavors of supremacy that the united **** of assassins be, divided, conquered
the education system, working together in perfect harmony, coming up with a long-
term plan as the basis for this conspiracy, Ebony would legitimize white special
schools getting paid for by All, voucherization, by their getting special ones
like ivory has for their special supposed Christian, well off kids, the basis
of it had to be a subtle disinformation prog., 'Kid First', which was really 'My
Kid First', determining Charters, for Ebony, and the corporatizing, privatizing
of the public school system, the wants of the 'chosen' minorities, ebony, ivory,
outweighing the needs of the majority, the current destruction of public educ.
we’ve been unable to stop, followed. That backslided our education system to pre-
Plessey vs. Ferguson supremacy court ruling, to a 'separate but not equal' state.
Now, Ebony, ivory are targeting 'Zero-Tolerance', don't let them prey upon kids,
a lessening of terrorism is all we can do, by a video monitor in every classroom.

Soon they'll have done the same with the environmental, climate crisis movements.  
'Environmental justice' is their panacea this time, which will allow them to get
from environment 1st of the climate crisis movement to 'my environment 1st' of the
supposed left, making sure any and all tax $ that relates only goes to improving
their demographics environments, and not to addressing climate crisis, when Earth
First is the only answer.  As the lock, fix for la machine, the corp. structure,
republican conspiracy, global oligarchy, they enforce, 'might makes right', when
it only might, and always makes wrong, 'power corrupts, absolute power corrupts
absolutely'.  Gandhi said, “be the change you wish to see in the world”, and "the
root of all oppression lies in (supposed) science".  If you don’t want people to
be cowered you must be, "abhaya, fearlessness, most important for an individual
and a nation".  Don't listen to the the silence is golden crowd, who are taking
it all the way to the bank.  Exercise responsibility, or it's Siamese twin sister
freedom, will wither like an unused muscle as well.  Viva solidaridad, evolucion.
Please be wary, the normal they want to return to, northern malaise, euro-centrism and projections of academia, a blood disease, have always flown in the face of necessity, progress and the need for humanity to even be allowed to exist.  Yet, now with coronaing of everyone going on, that desire for normalcy and return of norms takes on new hues; some very human and even desirable.  That while the purposeful too early opening of the country has already determined that being pandemiced is the new normal for at minimum a year (possibly permanently); until we get a vaccine or more life-saving treatment possibilities.  This has all opened many eyes to the disparaging realities of pre-pandemic America, where the life expectancy of people of color, and more so, the lower-middle-class to poor, were predominantly still only being addressed by their getting the establishment’s projected healthcare for them, eat st and die.  That goes for sociological maladies as well, for e.g., the lower-middle-class to poor suffering oppression from serial murderers masquerading as cops; police brutality tantamount to a incurable birth defect of all poor.  The injustice system and their dictating everybody accused of anything must plead guilty to a lesser charge or face the draconian rage of la machine’s dictating they get little lousy representation in fixed trials that most of the time determine ******* up or false convictions and incarcerations unequal to the reality of the circumstances that took place.  I wish I weren’t diffabled to the point where I can’t be at the front of these demonstrations for real change taking place now; as I had been for decades in the past- yet, still am doing all I can.  Thanx to you and All for doing all you do; have a great day   :)   reality
james nordlund
Written by
james nordlund  58/M/reality, Earth, Universe
(58/M/reality, Earth, Universe)   
   james nordlund
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