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May 2020
"May we never forget the crippled, wind-beaten trees,
how they, too, bud, green and bloom.  May we, too,
take courage to bloom where (and when) we are planted".

Yes, the Tao has a metaphor for them, 'the useless trees',
twisted, turned down, bowed, not for the saw mill, of no 'use'.
Like my son, screaming ****** ******, after being crushed

By a Roman Catholic imperial, masquerading as a medical worker.
Same as I was, neutered as a newborn, for my father was given
a vision of my birth years before it by Thee, to protect it.

So, two of my older brothers were ****** to death in the crib,
For the psychic terrorism, 'the ****', thought they were me,
a molecule of the cross I bear, bear for Thee, to save Thee.

Were you not born of woman, and must you not protect yourself
as all life on Earth must?  Do the future exterminated quarter
of a million Americans, of which you might be one, not bear

that cross, responsibility to defend themselves, life?  What
must '...We(e),...' do to stop the criminally insane 'opening
of the country' way too early's plan to premeditated ******

the people en masse, to liquidate their assets and ases, as well
as cower the polity into voting more conservative, if not repub,
cowering the country to the global oligarchy's spearhead's, the

repub conspiracy's, agenda of humanity's extinction by the axe?
Do those climate crisis bent, useless trees, "Live To Tell", as I
have to warn you if you're not taking bullets you're making them?

(Thanx to Mohatma Gandhi's, BR. DAVID STEINDL-RAST's,
Madonna's (from her CD and song "Live To Tell")
above quotes and great worx, respectively.)
Technology used to be a tool in man's hand, to make life better, now it's the hand, man the tool, it advances in every way while the family of man devolves day by day.  Do not be a tool of man's extermination to extinction, by cowering to the technocracy's tool of the 'use' of corona virus; be the human, life, by stopping the too early "opening of the country" by ****, stay home, stay social distanced, wear masks and advocate, please?  Thanx for all you All do and don't; have an excellent eve'   :)   reality
james nordlund
Written by
james nordlund  58/M/reality, Earth, Universe
(58/M/reality, Earth, Universe)   
     james nordlund, Holly D, L B and RAJ NANDY
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