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Stratus Jul 2021
Cry your heart out
But It'll never truly help
The memories don't fade so easily
And the sweet moments
Only cover up the truth
So let it go
Don't let your head catch up
Or you'll start coming back for more
Stratus Jul 2021
You were always there at my side
Like a puppy
Wagging it's tail for my attention
But you only wanted more
You clobbered me  
Bit through my flesh
Then you'd lap up my gushing blood

I sent you back to the pound
But being put down
Wasn't what you deserved
Your ginger fur gleamed
Your eyes were so soft
Your heart was so bright
Your head was held up high

If only I didn't push you away
Then you wouldn't just be a memory
Stratus Jul 2021
Drain me with your presence
And make my adrenaline spike up
You're still nothing at all
But a disappointment
So keep dawdling
Until you go brain dead
While you cut your purple skin
And cry
Stratus Jun 2021
I don't even need to know your name
Or what you look like
You're just amazing
For being there when I'm on the edge

Hum your lullaby
And I'll smile sweetly
You're just ******* beautiful
For doing the things you do
Stratus Jun 2021
Keep stalking me all you want
Even after you left me first
But dont come back crying
Like a cicada on a hot summer day
Just let me be at peace
Without your jokes
Stratus Jun 2021
I though I'd do better
My heart was stone cold
And my resolve was strong
But you gave me peace and warmth

I still think of your face
Your beautiful brown eyes
And your sad sweet smile

I'm not hurting anymore
But I get lonely at night
Imagining my lips on your body
Or cuddling you to sleep

I've learned that I could never
Hate someone like you
You still mean everything to me
Even if we're nothing
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