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Delaney Smoke Apr 2019
Is it possible
To go back and stop the knife
Yell "*******" at death?
whoever said haiku's were pretty?
AtMidCode Apr 2019
you were crying so much that day
tears and sweat marred
your face

when you heard my footsteps
look up
and ask

'do you love me?'

boy, i can't tell you
how much
those drops of ache
felt like a thousand beatings
to the
heart that have
always loved you
than anyone else [even you]

there is nothing to do
but hold you

framing your beauty
in my trembling palms

i kissed your eyelids
hoping against all hope
that contact
would be enough

i spent a great
deal of
my life
convincing you
that you matter

i look at you
as if
you are beyond this universe

every waking moment
was dedicated
into never making
you feel
less than your
true worth

so it came
as no surprise
that when i ask if you love me

you just smiled
and said

'thank you'
-this is too much; now i know why i felt like no value was left within
-no, well maybe, yes, (you are) partially at fault
-*******, dear
Jules Apr 2019
Enter the dark parts of my mind.

The pieces that aren't really pieces
but are like the vast black holes
sprinkled throughout the universe

You'll never leave
imprinted in my gray matter forever

Lost and spinning
You may resurface every now and then,
forcing my brain cells to collide and remind me of you

I wish I could rip you from my memories,
extinguish the artificial light you emitted

But what would happen then?
What is a thing without what came before?
Most people
Fear me cause I’m black
Because I’m different
I stand tall
In the indifference

Others, because I’m loud
Larger than life
Even though in my life
Nothing happens;
It’s going
Nowhere fast

But not you
You enjoy
Basking in my suffering
Just the same as
You enjoyed watching them suffer
Because it make you feel
No part of you knows
Humbleness or guilt
For pride and ego
Now act as your shield

How without mentioning your name
The room is now not as sunny
You’ll shift uncomfortable
Act observant
Until eventually my words get to you
And you’ll roll yourself a cigarette

If this is goodbye
Then I’ll speak what’s on my chest
I despise you
And everything you stand for
You use your values and roles
As a glue to trap people near you
You act like you care
Until someone challenges your goals
You pull people close
Especially if your ego is struck
Which I think happens
Sometimes I wonder
What lies you have told
To others about me
More concerning though
Is what lies you tell yourself
Because I can see them

As it turns out
We’re 2 sides of the same coin
Even though you do all you can
To dull my face
And turn yourself towards the light
And mine to the dark
You forget that I like it here
You think you’re the first
To do this to me?
To leave me behind in the dark?
To strike me down when I already am?
To get so obsessed with themselves
Being better than they were yesterday-

Finishing that insult
Would only motivate you more
I still have more power over you
Than a *****
With your **** in her mouth
-but I will not use it
No I will not say it
For like my gift
Of words and poetry
- I refuse to abuse it

Good luck to you
Your friends,
And anyone you see fit
To be by your side
I’m gone
For I known you’d do this
For I was warned and my God,
They were right;
And I own a lot of people
An apology

I have sliced
This little coin of ours
And now you have your wish
You have all the light
Anything you could possibly want
Take it!

Because I don’t want it
I’m not motivated to be bigger
Or better
Than the next guy in the room
You really think anyone
Can intimidate me?

No, instead
I’ll wash my side
And try my best to remove the grime
Because even looking like this
Standing alone between
Insanity and the zone
One day I will return
And, regrettably
Outshine you

Because that’s the only way
To get any
Allison Wolf Mar 2019
I politely fold my
into tiny pieces
sharp sentences sliced
for your comfort
until it is only a soft
‘I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have…’
I am small enough to slide
into your pocket or your pants
but never out
of your grasp
March 2, 2019
11:31:56 PM
Laura Feb 2019
"Don't you want to make it work?"
I asked
Tears in my eyes
Begging you to stay
Clutching your hand
In desperation
My heart quivering
Fearing the answer
You might give

Nothing ever hurt me
As much as you saying
You didn't
You were done

The cold swept in
And took me away
Far far
From you
Because next to you
I was getting
Frost bite

No longer smitten
Just ******
And frost bitten
Ariel Feb 2019
I just wanna say *******.
But I still love you.
You shouldn't have touched me.
Look what you've done to me...
Ever I now ever gonna be happy?
You were already broken...
But you didn't have to break me...
Now I play the game safely..
And never feel too closely.
I walk away too fast
Because I'm hurt from my past.
I want something to last...
But my heart isn't healed from the ****...
I'd love to burn your memory to ash...
And say *******...
Lizzie Feb 2019

**** your curly brown hair    That my fingers would get tangled in.

**** your chocolatey brown eyes     That my soul would get lost in.

**** your rose tinted cheeks                  That you hated but I adored.

**** your warm deep voice                          That soothed my anxiety.

**** your beautiful vocabulary       That made my heart skip a beat.

**** your green jacket                                   That fit me like a blanket.

**** your elitist music taste                             That I secretly enjoyed.

**** the way you held me                            And made me feel loved.

**** the way you kissed me                               Soft and passionately.

**** the way you left me                          Wordlessly out of nowhere.

AND **** THE WAY YOU ****** ME

Honestly, just *******.
Colten Sorrells Jan 2019
your poems
in my floor
the dog
hopped off the bed
to recreate them
sometime last night
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