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Lyda M Sourne Apr 2018
And I swallow metaphoric medication
Until they burn down my throat

And similes are like cereal for breakfast
With which I refuse to partake

My words bleed out
Personifying my grief

Hyperbole is too big a mass I can explain
It would take years to finish

Would roses choked in thorns be a symbol of oppression
Or a nature of destruction in beauty

Take me to the emergency room
I'm sick of this language I speak
Brogan Long Mar 2018
I hold in my hands...
The mean things people say to me
Each one cutting me
Bit by bit
Like paper cuts
Not doing much damage on there own
But all together creating a deep ****.
Isabella Terry Jul 2016
If pain develops character, why am I so lousy?

If love wakes you up inside, why am I so drowsy?

If life is an adventure, I'm a stereotypical hobbit.

If I was holding my own, well then I think I might have dropped it.

I'm walking on eggshells, and they're cutting my bare feet.

I live in a glass house, and it's about to sleet.

Love sets your soul on fire, yet I'm feeling pretty cold.

New dawn, new day, they say, but these nights are getting old.

I've barked up the wrong tree, and I'm being driven to the pound.

Back to the drawing board, but I think I lost my crayon.

I'm having my stomach pumped, cause I bit off more than I could chew.

If actions speak louder than words, then I'm so lazy I'm a mute.

I was burning all my bridges, but then I caught on fire.

I never gave up my day job, I just wasn't ever hired.  

Can't judge a book by its cover, but my story is ugly too.

I would make a play on words, but my theater class is through.  

If love is blind, then why do I have 20/20 vision?

I was accused of cutting class, but I made no such incision.  

In the heat of the moment, my icecream sadly dripped.

Beating around the bush was fine, until I freaking tripped.


If clouds have silver linings, then I see an empty sky.

It's hard to keep my head up, while the sun is in my eyes.  

I guess I need to lighten up, but I was saving battery power.

If it's all a piece of cake, I have an allergy to flour.
My Wattpad is RabidFlyingSquirrel.
Brianna Elise Sep 2014
The lights are off but I am shining;
A radiant, beaming, golden glow,
An ambient ray of love manifested. Excitement emanates from me,
Like tongues of flame, lapping
At the shadows in the hollow cheeks
Of this dark room.
I am smouldering;
I swear I could burn straight through
The mattress and through the floor, Down beneath the sandy Florida soil, And even the high water table
Couldn't put me out.
I'm on fire for you, burning for you.  This fire won't go out, it's been raging Scarlet and vermillion embroidered With gold since the day I met you.
Your liquor kisses seeped into
My black charcoal heart,
And the conflagration is consuming

— The End —