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i'll give you my heart, and my soul too
so at least when i go, not all will be blue,
you can pretend im still there,
and remember this, please,
i held on as long as i dared,
and i didn't do it for me.
i wrote this in a pretty dark place but im still here & breathing.
i love you all, don't give up.
Lost hopes Oct 2015
It doesn't matter if your winning when your living
Or if you **** around with life that you've been given
Just know your souls on a mission
Either it's in intermission strung out with addiction
Or its heading in the right direction  

Now I'm not a preacher or a reverend
But take it from a personal lesson
This isn't a form of aggression to steal all your attention
Was wrote just for me to mention

"You are all important, stay strong and don't let up"

— The End —