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From beyond the clouds,
cavalier and unattached,
sneaking past the yawn of temple bell
woken up from sleep,
trespasses a doomed note
pitched like flight of a falcon
fresh from its swoop on prey,
strumming on the discord in a lonely heart,
stoking once more
the hunger and anger of
an eternal yearning...

...Ah! My ears. They pick up the cruel flute. Here it comes, to ladle my pain. Not again. Not again.
Ormond Jan 2015
Above, this morning, on another plain
Over bogland and tundra rising snows drift
Darting birds white, unlike you, they strain
Fleeing on wing to save some earthen kin.
Blood runs as they race, your shadows cast,
Their hearts beating to some distant dawn.
Under the pale sun, white burns on their backs,
Daylight sings, their ears are horned, little faun
White as snow, the prince of the sky is blessed
On high by drops of rain, and dusted freeze,
Then blood and breast sacrament and eucharist,
Their tale ends in glory, risen as a breeze.
Dark Jewel Oct 2014
Hailed by your power.
Beside Bhafel the ill,
Cause chaos and fire.

Beyond a shaman,
Only power of the Falcon.
Shall save Erinn,
From the War of the Fomors.

Will await her arrival.
Precious Triona's dead knight.
Move on and reconcile.

He will fight,
Ending the fire.
Ending the hell,
But destroying the Goddess.

Thy Falcon,
Thou must saveth Morrighan.
To keep balance,
In Erinn.

The soul stream call,
To its Guiding Hero.
Man and Woman,
Will Save this world.
Any who play or research Mabinogi will know who the two Dragons are and the Black Knight. Triona was a Fomor.
Amitav Radiance Jul 2014
The falcon flying high above
Keen eye on unaware prey
Its hostile eyes scanning each move
Oblivious of impending danger
Hovering above it with stealth
Wings spread wide in elegance
Swooping down with speed
Hunting its prey with beak and talons

— The End —