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Oculi Sep 2019
A collection of donkeys
Reviewing the depth and girth of light
In a circular channel of platinum white
While the Cold War's puppet master smiles

What is in the creases of the temple?
Built upon the Aztec temptress's armpit
Discovered by the Spanish butcher
And burnt by the pale ghost

Japanese pilots land upon
Upon, upon
A lake of black tar
A lake of black tears
A lake of black tar
A lake of black tears
And question the times.

He asked me why my hair was soft
I severed my ear and lent it
The pianist, unsurprised, played on
With a pyrrhic victory among black and white

Plagiarism runs amok
It is my good friend, the light in the dark
The lightning coiling around my mind
A brilliant idea strikes the gutter

Japanese pilots land upon
Upon, upon
A lake of black tar
A lake of black tears
A lake of black tar
A lake of black tears
And question the times.

What's your answer?
Among the darkened rain clouds?
What's your answer?
Among ****** handles?
What's your answer?
Among the trumpets and horns?
What's your answer?
To the performance of a life?

Sing no more!
This is my noblest music!
The buzzing of nothing!
NewCaleBoy Aug 2018
the extermination of the straight white male

soon we will be gone and the remainder carried over into zoos for
“safekeeping,” our DNA and ***** harvested for science purposes

you will be pitched advertisements

send $ to San Diego Zoo so they can save the few remaining
white rhinos (which they neglect to mention are in preserves in Kenya and the Sudan, but send $$ a way)
and the last three straight white guys
(surfer, techie, and an aborigine)
to preserve the species so the world can modify their cells
to stop sexism, racism and other male diseases
gonna maybe mate them with the rhinos,
which will be expensive cause of all the rhinoplasty,

so send me some
money, money, money

Blinded with the horribly sweet feeling of violence
Brutality released with a mighty rage
Can't see, humanity feeling so alien and distant
Only sensing blood spilling on my flesh and
******* screams supercharged with terror

As the rightful inner self gains power
I start to awaken, eyes rolling forward, back into position
I drift back from spiritual chaos and into consciousness
Reality hits me with* the force of a train
Identity, mental stability, cognitive ability, all regained
First moment a last dose of relief
Second full of confusion

Third a living hell

Soft warm light fills the living room
Revealing white walls sloppily painted in red
A massive TV set slammed on its face at the ground
Broken glass, a pool of blood and a hand underneath
Dismembered corpses, broken furniture and bones lay around
A gap in the stone wall, a skinned half-eaten body lies outside with the rubble and dirt
Suddenly I realize my stomach is a little too full
The smell of stale blood, the foul stench of death
Drilling through my nose
The silence too loud for me to bear
My family rotting right in front of my eyes

I cringe in shock and disbelief
Totally clueless about the destruction surrounding me
I look down at my red and wet hands
A huge knife in one hand, a patch of skin in the other
The patch of skin looked familiar
Too familiar
I look at the broken ****** mirror above where my little sister lies dead
A red figure stares back at me with half a face

As I'm about to break into tears
I break into a splitting headache instead
A headache like no other
My nails becoming as sharp as the razors cutting up my brain
Nausea, sweat, pain, anxiety, all at once, amplified
My own screams start to terrify me
Drowning in insanity, blindness, and evil
This is the end
Identity, mental stability, cognitive ability, all lost
With no trace, vanished for good

Unleashed from the human experience
I break out of the window, into the night
Cracks forming in the glass like the black roots of evil thriving through my being
Equipped with an unquenchable thirst for bloodshed

I need my fix

Supernaturally powerful
Running on all fours fast through the night
For the next ****
For mankind is my enemy now

This one's ****** I know, and quite morbid too
Julie Grenness Apr 2016
When might was not right,
An inferno of genocide,
For all those in the Holocaust,
A tribute to everyone lost,
Widespread slaughter, the cost,
The massacre of the Holocaust,
Catastrophe of mass extinction,
People lost in extermination,
All the survivor baggage,
Of such destructive carnage,
The world had to see the light,
Finally, when might was not right.
Feedback welcome.

— The End —