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Hello Prolly May 12
One hates oneself
for what
one has ever done

One hates oneself
for all
the never done

One even hates oneself
for fantasies
one might have not yet done

One hates oneself
for hating
all of it

But still calling it on
and on
unavoidably wanting it

The one is me
the one is you
come, break through
Go hate this to keep the vibe ;) Jokingly.
RV Jul 2018
                                                  "I will"
Change your underwear
                                                  "I have"
Be grateful
                                                  "I am"
OK, then
I love you
                                                  "I love you, too"
mint Jun 2018
I want to focus on the good with you
I want to simmer all of what is us, and wait for the excess to evaporate
with all it gone I can see the basics
you make me smile
making you laugh makes me feel warm
the sound of your voice is one of the best sounds on earth
my world feels aligned when I’m with you

you make me happy

these are the basics
the bare essentials of what makes up you and I
And it’s all I need
am i talking about the same girl i wrote a break up poem about??? Uuuuuuuh. Yes.
Ken May 2017
I gave you all the efforts I can give
Made you happy by bestowing you gifts
All these just for a smile
And attention undivided

I hate to break it to you
But this is wrong
What this is, is not love
And by doing such, we should stop

For love is one can't buy
No material thing can compare
For it is by choice, not by debt
For it is felt, not taken

If this continues
Love won't last
For nothing is permanent
And will eventually fade

So let me say it in a simpler way
Love can't be bought, buying is ownership
I don't want either of us owning each other
I want us to love one another
Distinguishing the difference between Love and Ownership

— The End —