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RV 6d
There are no words
for pain like

Like Peter on the sea
I cry
save me

What I hate in others
is what I detest most in

I reach but
the cold water
is ready and

it offers
RV Mar 2019
the bounce of your ponytail
as you turn your head
to look at something
is visible from where I sit
in my car and
wait on the light
the smallest things
an earring
the corner of your mouth
one breath
are more real
than all the passing car shapes
stop lights and radio sounds
I feel you
small solid cool and real
beneath the soles of sense
pebbles in a creek bed
under all passing, passing
RV Nov 2018
o domine
*** in miratione
quae opera fecisti censeam
montes et tempestates
potentiam divinam ubique
tum anima te laudat carmine
quam magnus es! quam magnus es!
tum anima te laudat carmine
quam magnus es! quam magnus es!
Translation.  "O Store Gud," via English.
RV Nov 2018
o tempestas
ira caeli
moles ingens nihili
te pervertis
ubi aestas
aerum pulsat calide
nunc appares
vorax nubes
tenebrarum columna
tum evanes
tam occulte
quam intrasti resonans
Kind of an experiment with parody.  Wrote it during a tornado lock down, had the tune of "O Fortuna" (Orff) in my head.
RV Jul 2018
your salix for dreaming
under fagus for swinging
on platanus for shading
beneath juniperus for grieving
about quercus for remembering
with liriodendron for reaching
above prunus for sweetening
up pinus for smelling
around ilex for hiding
behind acer for uplifting
your heart
RV Jul 2018
                                                  "I will"
Change your underwear
                                                  "I have"
Be grateful
                                                  "I am"
OK, then
I love you
                                                  "I love you, too"
RV Jul 2018
Three gifts thou mad'st me
a lullaby
a jungle gym

Three I repaid thee
a warning to stop walking before you fell headlong over a cliff
a ride to David's graduation

Three ills I bear thee
I was born a Blue Devil
John got away with everything
you didn't take us to Disney World

Three which now share we
a name
sore knees

Three debts I owe thee
Robert the Rose Horse
A million questions, answered and unanswered
An invitation to sing at chapel

By three I know thee
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