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Ken Sep 2018
My head
My heart
They're tearing me apart
It's cold and lonely
I want you to caress me
Your warmth I crave
Your voice I chase

It's lust I know
But deep inside I shout
"You're the one I searched for",
"You're the one I want to grow old with",
"You're the one I cherish"

This lust I carry,
Is the origin of my hurt
The pain
The shame that I hide
For you not to see
Because in other people's eyes
It's an inappropriate feeling
"A craving of the flesh" they say
But my lust for you is complicated to explain

I craved for your body to embrace me
Because I yearn to feel your love
I wished for you to say my name intimately
Because I want to hear your love
I dreamt of us kissing intensely
Because I'm dying to express my love
I imagine us together
Because I want TO BE your love

This gut feeling I'm experiencing
Sure it might be one-sided
But I pray to happen
That you and me
A story destined to come true
The tip of the Iceberg
  Sep 2018 Ken
When the clock strikes 7:10 in the morning
Everbody starts running
But in my perspective
Time is subjective

People walking by each other
Walking past one another
In my narrow view
There's you

As a courtesy
I nod and said "Hello"
At the back of mind a continuation,
"... my unrequited intent"
An imagery of my morning routine
Ken Jul 2017
It's no selfish deed to ask for love,
if you gave all of what you have.
It's no bad thing to be vulnerable,
for it shows that you are sincere and open. The tears, the scream, the hurt, and the pain, it doesn't stop there, but don't let it stop you; for all of it is just a mistake we must all learn from.
Just like the malignancy of any torturous feeling, IT'LL JUST KEEP ON GETTING WORSE, learn NOT to **** these heartstrings to be as numb as a rock, but learn to live above the struggle and be as susceptible as a bubble; for love has no definite definition and it comes in all forms, shapes, and sizes, and to see it clearly is to be sensitive as you can be.
some lines are taken from some movies and is edited. ✌
Ken Jun 2017
"Tale as old as time..."
But our story started just months ago
With a piece of paper that changed it all
As the beauty of your complexion
unleashed the lovesick beast within
As rose petals fall and wither
and I get devoured by this form
Asking for your affection
To be lifted from this damnation
this is for you
  May 2017 Ken
We're good at playing
We like to match
No one's better
Competitive in every fight

But this one's new
You can't win this one
I'm the only one playing
In this game secretly happening
I'm winning in our sad game of pretend.
  May 2017 Ken
She's planting out her window box
Young shoots are showing through
She thinks about the Springtime
And the garden she once knew

There were primroses and daffodils
Sweet violets white and blue
She thinks about her husband
And when their love was new

Buds and blooms open up
They scent and colour Summer long
She thinks about those happy days
When they were young and strong

Sunset's falling sooner now
Petals drop, the show is done
She gathers up her Winter shawl
Tries not to dwell on things to come
Delighted to be the daily
Thank you He Po
And thank you Eli Yo
Ken May 2017
Cuts and bruises
Blood spills and bone breaks
Fixed by stitches and braces
With rest and medicine

Take time to heal from mistakes
And strive for redemption
For its no weakness to fall
If you will stand again
"Falling down is not failure, staying down is..."
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