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Nikki No Love Jul 2018
Within the shadow of a false icon,
Which hangs over me like fallen titans,
The ones who in the darkness of ignorance wore capes and flew,
But now wear maniacal grins and snarl to.
The same person who used to make you want to say live,
Now only force you to to spell it backwards and with yourself become more combative.

He says he misses me,
But that would make three,
Me, mom and The Monster,
He says "straighten your postue"
I miss the days I could look past your hypocrisies,
Back when I could look at your  and think "these are the right policies "
In my time of need,
You can't seem to see,
Your voice make me bleed,
You're whose killing me

To be stuck in a house, but not a home,
Trapped inside not a shrine, but a tomb,
Imprisoned by the voice that used to be that of ideology and hope,
Which is now the voice of the hate that hangs me like a rope,
The voice that tears my mind in two,
One side screaming "you are wrong," and I should be rejecting you,
The other side creeping and deafaningly whispers I am the infection, adieu.
This is a poem about my dad..I know a lot of people feel like this..hope it helps someone. Also I think this is my longest poem yet.
Khadro Jama Jan 2018
Here we are again..
Same issues different excuses
Like an addict
Like an abuser
Like a sick patient
You really don't know any better
I am Not here to make excuses for you.
You truly believe this!!
what your saying is true
When you think
your pain means more than my own.
Did you know your wrong.
Ignorance is Not a bliss here
What makes you think its okay
To hurt me over & over again.
What's wrong with me ?
Ah... I know your family.
Some people Can't change
Because there's just a waste of your time.
Repeating words like broken light bulp.
(Blink-blink-click- blicker)
What's dose that mean?
You've got me going in circles playing tag with myself in a maze
What dose this mean?
What are my opportunities here?
To become better?
To become worse?
To waste more time on this?
I need a solution
Its like solving a math problem
Except I don't know the answer to X.
Ill take a different approach... Maybe..  
Becuse Some people Just Don't Change!!!
You always read about anxiety as a thing you get when you're about to talk to someone you like, or about to go up and speak in front of a bunch of people, and for the longest time I thought my thoughts on anxiety, my anxiety was different from everyone else's, weird.

But I was fortunate to come across a poem, a kind of rant,
that decussed the same issue I was in. And sure, I'm not saying that anxiety doesn't involve getting nervous, or sweaty palms when doing something so small, so simple, but yet it can feel like the biggest thing in the world at the time, because yeah, that can be anxious anxiety, but what I'm talking about is the kind of anxiety where you stay in bed for 4 days straight because you're scared of what will happen if you get out of the comfor of your own room, you know making up a thousand different scenarios of how bad things could turn out.

Anxiety isn't just nerves or scared to do something so little, no anxiety is where you're scared of life itself, scared of living. Anxiety is a mental disorder, and I wouldn't wish it apon the worst of people.
Kate Millar Nov 2015
Living helpless, I lost my way. An endless pit, a hollow day. I saw a light, shining bright, to guide me back into your sight. I was broken, you fixed my soul, you began to make me feel whole. You took my pieces, scattered far, now whats left is just a scar. You found me, lost and alone, but you took me in, and gave me a home.
This is probably my least depressing poem.
Unrequited Love Jan 2015
You broke my ******* heart.

And you did it from the comfort of your own ******* garden.

While you had a *******  cigarette.

I was curled into the corner of a ******* bathroom, so no one could hear me cry.

I don't ******* cry.
But since then I can't ******* stop.

I can't ******* deal with this.

Why the **** did you do this to me?

I ******* hate you!

Please come back...
The pain in my chest won't go away, I can't forget him, I love him. I HATE HIM
They all try to look the same
all try to give themselves a name
pick on the boy who is all alone
just because his identity is his own
what has this world come to?
all this wrong that people do
just for the image they want to show
down the evil path they seem to go

The next person you go to hurt
or try to make feel like dirt
instead of trying to look cool
feel for the guy you make look a fool

A cool identity isn’t a need
let those you bully be freed
Your identity should be your own
A better person you will be known.
If you feel like this is happing to your schooling message me and i can help you throught it because ii have been bullyed in all ways and i know what to do

— The End —