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When I was in love
With a girl at school
My stomach fluttered like wings of a dove
But she played me like a fool

Soon after we met I gave her a token
The small chain of gold
Wasn't enough she left my heart broken
And that is how the story did unfold

Words of advice for my mate
Think before you act
Careful about your date
It is a proven fact
You're the one I can't live without
This fact is true, I have no doubt
I love the way you smile at me
I love the way together we're free
You may be strange and slightly loony
But all this means nothing to me
Because you are who you are
And I can see your beauty
Inside and out
Which is what threw me

When everyday I see you
Till then I cannot wait
To know what we will go through
Are in the hands of fate
The first time that I saw you
I knew I must steal your heart
I hope that it's mine for ever
And that we never do part

You are the one I love the most
And to this here fact I propose a toast;
May we grow old and still have fun
Because I love you and my heart you've won
sorry i have resently i have had a concussion then i went ot the hospital and just got out and have not been able to write and so this is my first peopm i came up with when i was sitting in my hospital bed.
did she really?
Really move on from me that fast?
Is it that easy?
Am I really nothing.
I knew it all along,
Why in the **** did I give in..
I had my walls built so high,
And you got them down,
When I should of left them higher outta reach.
  Mar 2015 Big Man on campus
Tomorrow is a new day;
the sun will rise again
to kiss the tops of trees
and warm the hearts of man.
Ever have that moment where a thought crosses your mind?
Just like any other random thought?
But this thought, causes you to stop in mid stride.
Makes words stop flowing from your mouth when in conversation.
The thought makes your face immobile.
No expression upon it...
Or emotion appearing within the eyes.
Almost like a mask, portraying a veil that covers what you wish not to be seen.
Everyone has those moments...
Sometimes when you're alone, or when you're around others.
That thought reveals a moment from the past that found its way into the present.
Everyone has had these moments
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