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Dawn Jan 2019
My orbs has seen the sky
and you said it was blindness.
That my youth will distort my fate,
I was speechless.

I tried whispering my cries to your ears,
I reached and it was honest.
That once my soul speaked to me,
That she knew who i was.

You were squinting,
more firm, more definite.
You said my mind was like a plain,
and 'twas cloudy.

You told me to wait until its a clear day.
I had to wait until its a clear day.
Tatiana Sep 2018
Hands wrapped around my throat
      like a bow
A gift to the present times.

Am I pretty enough in this
Squeeze my throat until I fall in line.
© Tatiana
This is the chorus from a song that I wrote.
Yael Zivan Nov 2014
Constricted in the tiny ***.
this plant has lost it’s will to grow
The lightness fades inside the room
the curtain shades the greenish brown
I forgot that i was more,
than this room. this house, this place

I forgot how to transplant.
I forgot how to grow

Don’t let me wither.
Don’t abandon me in the cold.

How can i survive this potted life,
this winter,

It was easy to love me when the spring was here, and i was bright and full of wonder.
I could fill a room with bright vernal sweetness.
And then i began to blend into the wallpaper.
a perfect little wallflower.
Tendrils constrict,
and branches droop.
flowers swept away,
and bark begotten by dust and moth

Who will inherit me?
Or perhaps just an empty ***.
your container, your arc, your tiny vessel, your cage and prison, is all a mind palace, where doors lead nowhere and i cannot become better. How will i be good enough when lost in a maze of loathing and indolence.
amanda martinez Apr 2014
I whispered this secret to the ocean, but it was rejected on the sand.
The pressure has become too thick for me to withstand.
The words have over heated, locked in the oven…well overdue.
The truth of this all may burn, but this needs to be heard by you.
An unquenched thirst in a drought…
My world has flipped around, completely inside out.

Before I could find the right words, I resorted to the dirt.
I buried this secret as the seconds ticked…only way to obliterate how much it hurt.
One day the clock stopped ticking, I thought it was well off buried; eminently suppressed.
Come to think of it, the ***** little secret was just compressed.

Constricting so tight I began digesting my lungs…
Nothing bothered me, because everything was numb.
So I replaced my eyes with reflectors from the sun,
My heart fell in lust with the concept of a dark place to run.

Grabbed my lucky charm and a parachute, with the intent to leave one at the ledge.
From the top of the cliff I jumped, just as I made my pledge.
If I were meant to fight this battle, I’d make it to the ground: free fall.
Lucky charm in hand, all dependent on fate’s call.

This is a tough war to face alone, but the last thing I want is sympathy.
Just asking if you’d have my back…if need be.
Pretty well off on my own, I don’t want any kind of hero,
But if you can handle it, meet me at ground zero.
June 5, 2012

— The End —