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Mikey Kania Dec 2019
monday: putting ***** plates aside
tuesday: ignoring the ***** plates
wednesday: being bothered by the ***** plates
thursday: intending to do the dishes
friday: forgetting to do the dishes
saturday late afternoon: meeting a woman in a pub who tells daddy that she has a dirt allergy
saturday evening: arduously scrapping off fatty chunks from the dishes, groaning about such a hard kind of labor and thinking about easier ways of cleaning ***** plates.

from saturday night until sunday morning: making love to the woman from the pub; putting ***** plates...
lifestyle remains lifestyle
change causes change
Mikey Kania Dec 2019
i asked my daddy: "do you trust me?"
and he answered.
Today is a good day.
My father is an old man
Once upon a Time he was a cold man
He was almost always a good man
The kind where you knew where you stood, man.

My father raised loud daughters
My father raised proud daughters
My father raised daughter that said yes with no question
Who's no's were not a suggestion

My father raised strong daughters
Beside you when nights got long daughter
My father raised stern daughters
Daddy raised you get what you earn daughters

My father raised daughters that would fight a grown man
But know when to stay silent and when to raise a hand
Daddy raised daughters that don't need a man
Daddy raised daughters just like he planned

And those daughters became mother's
And their daughters are difficult women
Loud women
Proud women

Because daddy looked around and didn't like what he saw
He saw weak men
Like to drink men
He saw men who beat their wives
He saw men waste their lives
He saw men who would suffice
To sleep next to his daughter the rest of his life

So Daddy raised women to be strong
And sat beside them when nights got long
He never had titles, power, or wealth
In his old age he barely has his health
But daddy gave me more than money or fame
Daddy gave me his spirit and gave me his name
Mikey Kania Nov 2019
far away

far away

stray old
buddy stray

pray think
come back

Mikey Kania Nov 2019
hey daddy i
would like to talk to
you please

may i?
forgive me to disturb you i
know you are a genius
as well as a soldier

may i?
Today is a good day.
Mikey Kania Nov 2019
don't get on my nerves
kiddo it
ain't your mother's
fault that you're
a sucker

daddys come like
daddys are

who are you though?

no sweet toddler
no child
no youngster

i don't give a **** about

i am your daddy kiddo
i am a torpedo kiddo

don't gimme that family
you ain't nothing but a

fortyfive year old

you're the harmless
toothless dracula

couldn't care less
about you
Mikey Kania Nov 2019
a daughter
named seble
seven years old

being in a coma

she couldn't hear her
daddy's words

she couldn't see him
fog in front of her eyes
covering differences of
sleep and wakefulness

oneday seble's father
who was desparate
put headphones
on seble's ears

lyrics from two tall germans
they are called the
"wildecker herzbuben"

"herz" means heart and a
"bube" is a boy

closed eyes
slowly breathing

seble's father is called
rapidly breathing

brhane was pressing play
and after seconds
among lurid lights

moved her head
seble closed eyes smiled
as the wildecker herzbuben sang:

"Ein letztes Glas'l mit alten Freunden
die geh'n allein nach Haus.
In den Straßen
in den Gassen
geh'n langsam die Lichter aus."

a last drink with my buddies
who go home alone
in the streets
in the alleys
the lights are vanishing

seble moved her head
no windows but
her daddy was there

sebles mother is not alive
brhane prayed
holding his daughter's hand

seble opened one eye
looking at brhane

seble came back to reality when
brhan had finished his talk to

the end of seble's and brhane's
story is wordless
Senna-Mia Rahner Nov 2019
I feel low and blue
Without you
You would tuck me in
And kiss me goodnight
But why do you always have to fight
And always be right
Like the monster under my bed
And I remember when you said
I miss you
But I told you that it wasn’t true
And now I think that maybe
I miss you too
Veronika May 2017
Hold me tight
Hold me like a gun you will not shoot
Just embrace being the keeper of fate
To have the power to end it all and thus end this momentary suffering
Hold me like a mother, countless of times comforting her child and letting her soft cotton top soak up the tears
Just take me and squeeze me so I don't feel
So that the only thing I'm aware of is your touch and my body is a log and my brain is a dock and the waves crash
The buzzing wind in my ears
The crackle of the bones
The wetness of the shore
I look up, lifting my head above water
Your eyes warm and blue-grey with seagulls
I'm your little baby
And your prey.
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