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Devashish Kumar May 2015
“Repetition", he said, "bores me.
I like things new and fresh.
That’s why I never get committed.”
“No", she said, "that’s not the reason.
Don’t you enjoy every time you watch a sunrise?
Don’t you enjoy listening to your favourite music on repeat mode?
Don’t you like reading novels?”
“I do listen to my favourite music over and over again. After a few repetitions, I will change it certainly.
I do enjoy reading novels. But every time I read, it is new one.”
And there she stood clueless,
Looking for right reasons for him,
As he walked away,
Probably thinking he won a battle,
Without even considering
That he may be losing the war-
A war within himself.
“He didn't mention sunrise though.
Did he forget to mention it or
Did he leave it purposely?”
She wondered as she watched him blend in the crowd.
Repetition is often perceived as boring, But beauty lies in repetitions. Someone people find it difficult to commit to someone. If it is so, you, probably, haven't found the one.
All I leave behind is lipstick marks,
and traces of perfume--
but never do I leave my heart
or things for future doom.
The past me, before I settled down. A little Breakfast At Tiffany's esque

— The End —