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Samantha Babe Sep 2020
In the inch of despair
In the reach of the hands
The naked truth lies
The ray touches your back

You, against the light
Is the life I will live for
Grateful to someone ♥️
Matthew Nov 2019
Like No Rock

I could love you like a rock 
sit here and do nothing 
heavy on you 
love you like the breeze
take you to places
you never felt before 
riding on my storming nights
yana Nov 2018
if you will be my sea
i will be your sky

if you will be my black
i will be your white

i will paint you seasons and keep your tenderness close
if you will take me places, places only we know

if you will be my sunshine
i will be your night

you are my yin yang happening
and everything, for once, is alright
Salmabanu Hatim May 2018
False love is egocentric,
Comes with looks and goes with looks.
True love is based on spirituality and ethics,
It is trustworthy and noble,
Loves humanity.
False loves lack commitment,
Does not fulfill promises,
True love takes responsibility of commitments.
False love is infatuation, love at first sight,
True love develops overtime,
Overlooking each other's shortcomings.
False love is falling in love
with the concept of love not with a person.
True love leads to a healthy stable relationship,
Where their jobs, families and friends have a right over them,
It has maturity.
False love leads to anxiety,problems and too much expectations.
True love is where there is satisfaction and patience.
False love gives pain,
True love brings peace.
Kaumudi Jan 2018
She asked her question,
He thought about his answer
What took him so time
She began to wonder.

The three magical words was his true and correct reply,
Those three words which would make any young girl's heart fly.

But flight was taken by that timid creature who didn't wanted to be committed
So for a long time on her phone screen was the word 'Typing.....' sighted.

Finally "NO" was the answer,
Sad and depressed was her face;
This was the obvious result.
But not the first online break-up case.
For those who broke their hearts online.
©2018, Typing..... by Kaumudi.
I shivered when you asked of me, and thats cliche
But I'm not a liar and it didn't happen another way.

See i shivered when i thought of you
and all that you encompass,
I whimper at the thought of you
And all that you possess.

I am shaken by your presence the wind rolls through your hair
and you stand with shoulders tall, casting shadows here and there
Your voice can over come me, seeps into my awareness.
Your voice can become me, thats alone apparent.

I love it when you talk and I will listen full long hours.
every single thing about you makes me question my own powers
Like who is this person and how have they become
What did you do, to create this overcoming one
This Man of radiance, this angel speaking in cadence
This person with such gifted thought
This being with such magnetic presence
No other thoughts alike him.
Admiration of a wonderful soul; husband
Damian Murphy Aug 2016
Committing to change is the key,
Having a plan, a strategy.
Aims and goals that are within reach,
Not stopping 'til you achieve each.
Guarding against ambivalence,
Embracing the experience.
Hao Nguyen Apr 2016
Your commitments and word
Are inks stained on cold skin
Taken without pain sacrificed,
Easily washed away in water:
Simple imitations...
That at its essence
Mock the sanctity and identity
of actual tattoos.
Brent Kincaid Jan 2016
I usually accept things
The way that I find them.
I get some bad hands
But I really don’t mind them.
You loved me yesterday
Bored with me today.
Sometimes I wish we could
Do this affair another way.

Up and down, then in and out;
That’s what you and I are all about.
Here today, gone this afternoon;
That’s the name of your crazy tune.

Love me or hate me
Choose what you want.
This flippy-flooppy love
Is just a wasteful taunt.
I think I must be using
The incorrect terminology.
Love doesn’t fit with
Your current methodology.

Up and down, then in and out;
That’s what you and I are all about.
Here today, gone this afternoon;
That’s the name of your crazy tune.

I think it is me who has
Mistaken lust for affection.
It might be time for me
To go another direction.
I will miss some of your
Intimate bedroom frolic,
But this kind of relationship
Seems very much alcoholic.

Up and down, then in and out;
That’s what you and I are all about.
Here today, gone this afternoon;
That’s the name of your crazy tune.
Valerie Csorba Jul 2015
I find it easy to commit to someone...

perhaps that's part of the problem.
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