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How the heart hurts and how it's heavy,
how I long for the strength rather than the dreary.
It never subsides and it never heals
but, rather I feel the obsolute of the burden
that the memory cannot seem to halt, or repeals-
the disgruntled and mislead, carried and uncertain.  

The poison I have drank cannot be blamed
for it was me who let the poison sink from within;
For it has grown wild and insane as if it had rained
down ******* myself, down ******* on my skin.
Crimson, cherry, dark hues lie tauntingly on my body
to appease the voices, the thoughts that taunt and scream.
Left alone? Never could I dream of a day's peace where I embody
the strength, the will, the power where it remains a dream.

I bid these thoughts in high regards.
They accompanied me when no one around
cared to see, cared to follow,
instead leads, lies, misuses and remarks
the time, the darkness that was once surround-
ensured me, I was hollow.
Mental instability
I call out to you
Surrounded by dead flowers
Lay me next to you.
I’m sad
Look at the stars
Look at yourself
They are made
For you and me
From us and we
I don't wanna be your girl no more.

I can see why he might’ve thought that was about him.

Two hands longing for eachothers warmth.

Dude ***, you still try to tell me y’all didn’t have a thing.

I’m scared that no one loves me, loves me, really loves me.

Aw he loves you, let him love you

And all I ask of you, is baby please don’t leave me, you are all I ever need.

I thought that you guys were like best friends or something.

I can finally see you’re as ****** up as me.

Your  ‘not’ relationship ******* me up more than real relationships.

We will grow old as friends.

I need new friends.

Lost cities, what a pity, no one knows when it’s time to accept a lost love and say goodbye.
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  Oct 18 Isabelle Emily
I sat with my anger long enough,
Until it told me it's real name was grief.
But in another time or place, things could have been different.
I think I loved you but I cannot give an accurate response since I am inexperienced in such things
Oh what a shame, things could have been different,but honey life isn't as simple as , one,two, and three
"All I do is lose but baby all I want is to win," is no better understanding of the feelings lingering now
Life doesn't play itself out to be that way, and honey I hold no resentment, I hold no anger, and I find no blame in you, and neither in myself
I will allow myself the time to regain composure and continue forth
I never expected forever from you, I simply longed for the now.
But that isn't what you want, and honey that's okay
In another time or place, things could have been different, but for now they'll remain the same
And honey, that's okay
Ever sweet and ever loving-
The times were ever changing.
Malicious and fearsome-
The times were dense with resentment.
Tainted and taken;
Downward and mistaken.
Disillusions and inner turmoil-
Took control and destructed with mayhem.
The ever loving and sweet things were long forgotten,
And twisted and made rotten, through the illusions you’ve spoken.
The question remains, what have you to gain?
Perception has been warped and lies wired and reword with the intention to disarray.
The cloths of fabrication wrap perfectly along your body.
The deceit.
The resentment.
The lies;
The ill intentions-
have coveted the means for resonance and rehabilitation
In the sense of self preservation-
In the sense in which you lack and cannot maintain.
If you know then you know
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