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Mike Virgl Sep 2017
with a door set forth
it lay open in his mind
with his hand he waited
it never opened to his eyes

fantasy rules in our heads
when inaction enforces tyranny
upon mortal hearts and souls
dying with every blink

we are just mortal yes?
why do we think actions will fail
when no one will remeber them
they fade as everything does

Live life to breath
And breath to live
My the devil take his hand
From out of my scarmbled brain

So I may choose
With a new foucus to fuel me
I will not be bogged down
By my missed opportunities

all because I am blind
to everything real in front of me
i was living in my head
never outside it

for it was safe...
it was...
This was written to communicate my message i really want to get out there... regrets are the worst things to die with

P.s i made all the postive advice lines start with a captial because i feel it is important to draw foucus there, it is not a typo
Timothy hill Mar 2017
Of heart breath, blood fills the pen.

Tore from mint the strain reels.

Letter of black huge style font.

To intense the effects of your mind.

Of art and grief wash out from plane.

Your our experience, held more than even change.

A limited mind has no options worth its place.

They seed our reality based on our coscience and apperal.

With grins and napkins on our laps.

Our politeness, is grace and suit and tie apprased.

For who, shall bring the golden loft of breed.
This is of reality, and our mind.
Shylah S Oct 2015
I hope you look back and smile

at the millions of happy memories
at the inspiring people you've met
at the laughter you've shared with others
at the amount of care and love you've felt
at the kind words you've shared
at the little things that make this world great

I hope you look forward and realize

how many extraordinary things are going to happen
how many new seeds will be planted
how many brilliant things you will achieve
how many stories will be shared
how many dreams will be reality
how many things make this life worth living

I hope you keep moving forward.

*"We either make ourselves miserable or make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same" - Carlos Castenada"
For a dear friend
Sometimes it's great to be reminded <3

— The End —