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Manila    I may look scary on the outside but take time to look what's inside of me that I am not really that scary , I'm ...


He looked at me
The way you look at
Stacked books
On a wooden shelf,
Carefully stroking my spine
After he's done it to
Three other stories
he'd gotten tired of.

Mr. Bookworm,
I am not a fictional option.
Yes, my cover is
And my last reader
Folded and tampered
With all my pages,
I only wish you'd
Treat this piece of literature
With respect.
You see, Mr. Bookworm,
I'm not a trilogy,
At least I'm not sure yet.
My Author isn't quite done with me. And I find it quite rude
That you stare at my papery insides,
Page after page,
Only to leave me
Back in the shelf,
Collecting dust.
Be patient with me, wandering reader.
Wait for my story
To reach it's ******.
Inhale my aging pages
Until you reach my resolution.
My apologies
For the times I've been
But wait with me
Till you've reached my story's ending.
Because I swear upon my
Mismatched table of contents,
It will be a story worth telling.
Ann M Johnson  Nov 2014
Ann M Johnson Nov 2014
Bookworm how I envy you
you live and ingest the written word
You have been around many volumes of knowledge
Taking it all in adsorbing it all
Living through those words and living because of them
Do you have a favorite type of book?
You may have even seen some famous authors
If you could write you would already know, many words
If I could let the words all sink in as well as you
I could be a remarkable student that is why I envy you
Should I be a bookworm too?
I once saw a real Bookworm once in a book I had been planning to read.
That and all the schoolwork recently has inspired this Random poem.
I hope you like it.
HomePoetry Control PanelPlease enjoy your visit. Poetic-Verses     4147 Poems Read.the bookwormi was in library sat there with a bookthen i heard a noise and thought id take a lookthere on the shelf as happy as can besat a little bookworm sat there watching mehe was very funny as he began to wiggle i couldnt help my self as i began to gigglehe was very nice and needed companyso he came across and sat along with mewe sat there together reading side by sideit was time for me to go and time for him to hidethen i said goodbye until another daythen we could meet again and together we could play.