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Bloop poems Jun 2018
oh how I miss the words you'd whisper softly in my ear
the way your heart beat on your rib cage

oh how I miss the sound of your small voice
smaller then a mouse that only a bear could hear

oh how I miss the I love you
the sweet kisses you gave
i miss my lover
Bloop poems Jun 2018
"we held hands when we walked down the ginger-bread path into the forest, blood dripping from our fingers. we danced with witches and kissed monsters. we turned our self into winter-girls"

-Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson
Ive read this book over and over I honestly love it
Bloop poems Jun 2018
wake up to a life full of fake lies and empty promises
how did it end up like this after all the truth and love
what happened to all the love that died
half way in between death and life
where do we go after we are gone
hell or heaven
wake up to crying souls and dying hope
how can it end like this

Bloop poems Jun 2018
sun shines down one day to bring the girl out of her living hell

i hope one day to get out of my living hell. soon it will be to deep and ill be out of here
Bloop poems Jun 2018
people tell you not to do drugs because you'll get addicted and wont be able to stop
they say this about crack or ******* and more drugs, they say dont smoke as it will wreak your body

so what about love?

loves addicting, it makes you crave it more and more,
it can wreak you
they tell you about all of the other drugs in the messed up world but what about love, love is one of the worst drugs, no one really sees that love is the biggest killer out there

my friend said  something like this and i thought it made a chill poem
Bloop poems Jun 2018
rain slows till its no more
sun shines down and birds start to sing
the kids come out to play in what is left
of the beautiful sadness

Sometime After Crying You Start To Feel Better Just Like After A Storm
Panda Jan 2017
In a world full of
Glamorized french fries
I am nothing more
Than an organic potato
Panda Dec 2016
"Sorry I'm late sir... I ran into a strange man down my street who kept following me and asking to borrow my socks. At first I ignored him but realizing he was following me to school, I stopped to question him. When I asked him why he wanted my socks, he said he wanted to smell their musky scent. I flat out asked this man if he had a foot fettish, and he guffawed telling me he had a smell fettish. I quickly speedwalked away from the freaky man and because my nerves were so jumbled, I forgot to grab a pass in the office."

Finally notices its a female substitue, and looks at classmates to see their mouths hanging open ready to catch flies

"So... I will just sit down now"
11th grade, Art class. Most embarrassing moment in high-school, (not including the time I jumped on a new teachers back thinking he was my friend...)
Silas T Williams Apr 2014
A multitude of Cerebral Blips
Brought to closure by a
High Priority


— The End —