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em Oct 2019
bite your lip or i'll have to
numbed forever more
in my blood
an exponential growth in my throat
i guess i never learned
how to escape quicksand
feeble again
does anything ever change
forever afraid
of dreaming alone
silence overwhelms
pulsations radiating throughout my being
the aching heat, unrelenting
answering the void's lonesome song
blurred droplets on once-dead wood
valued by connoiseurs from what i gather
too many walls around here
too many moats and battlements
guess mine were all for show
eyes closed
always the same words
when will you stop
why must you always
and the images too
why won't you stop
underexplored ideas and lethargic days
Silas T Williams Apr 2014
A multitude of Cerebral Blips
Brought to closure by a
High Priority


— The End —