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Prister Dec 2019
Goes the shoes of children who hear Father come back.
As some kids fall as they sneak out the house at night.
The sound the feet of the children make while they Dance on the thin iced lake.
Laughed the chlidren as they cracked the iced lake and dived into the icy cold water to dance an eternity at the bottom of a Sea.
A story about a group of 3 children who had schizophrenia and thought their father was a giant and had to dance their way to the bottom of a frozen lake to always have fun. So they sneaked out the house and drowned in the process.
Prister Sep 2019
Prior risk
Running away from puns the size of
U SEA what i did there?
Prister Aug 2019
§ounds louder than
İt is suppose to when you don't know what to do.
Łies hurt more when you're sitting in it, waiting for something to happen.
Əverything you see seems to turn your eyes icy and watery.
Ñumbness comes after the Blood on your hands.
Əspecially when you realize that you murdered innocents and Death himself in the
Ğŕeåť. Wåŕ. Of. Silent.
Prister Aug 2019
I've never seen such a handsome Devil, with a whip that looks like sickles. She makes my world look fickle, like she's ending the world of angels. So I go make many bets, which I win in the end. Yet every game needs to end to start another with it's end.
It was the last bet. This time, It was she who made it. She had said I would regret if I went to Heaven without her and in return I said "My dear, you would be the one who will regret going to Hell with me." To say the least she won and Got the Last Laugh.
My crush who refuses to brush and play along with me.
Prister Aug 2019
Fantasy is a Dream but Reality is not what it seems.

— The End —