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Carl Fynn Dec 2023
In our journey’s garden, diverse and bright,
We bloomed like flowers, in love’s twilight.
Roses of desire, crimson and bold,
Passion unfurled, a tale untold.

Amidst the roses, a fiery dance,
Love’s flames ignited, a vibrant trance.
Tulips of fervor, colors enhance,
In love’s garden, a passionate expanse.

Lilies of purity, a tender grace,
Amidst the fervor, a gentle embrace.
Daisies of innocence, love’s chase,
In the garden’s tapestry, a perfect place.

Each petal a moment, a secret shared,
A garden of love, wildly flared.
Irises of dreams, in love declared,
In this floral garden, our hearts repaired.

As the blooms unfurled, passion’s spree,
Anemones of love, wild and free.
In the garden’s embrace, you and me,
Different flowers, our love’s decree.

In this garden of varied hue,
Our love blossomed, vibrant and true.
Different flowers, a love anew,
In this garden of passion, me and you.
Carl Fynn Oct 2023
Within the hospital's walls so stark and green,
A chance encounter changed my life's course
A graceful presence, a beauty shining bright,
My heart stirred with the possibility, a guiding light.

I asked for her number, met with a gentle plea,
Workplace boundaries, a reason to let be,
At two o'clock, a chance for our hearts to see,
What lies beneath the surface, a possibility.

A mention of reluctance in our brief chat,
She claimed not to seek love, but how about that?
Perhaps in her silence, there's a welcome mat,
To explore the nuances, where hearts are at.

With hopeful steps, I'll return in time,
To read between the lines in this silent rhyme,
Unraveling secrets, hidden beneath the grime,
In the subtle dance of fate, so sublime.
Carl Fynn Oct 2023
In the book of fate, our pages intertwine,
Destiny’s design, a path uniquely designed,
We stand on the edge of a world unknown,
In our hearts, a connection, brightly shone.

Destiny has whispered, "You both belong,"
In the story of us, we’ll grow strong,
Yet the choice is ours, to seize this chance,
To let our love flourish, to dance our romance.

I’ll gift you attention, a love that’s so true,
Care and laughter, protection from storms we’ll pass through,
And in return, I hope you’ll simply be you,
Glowing, amazing, in everything you pursue.

Together we’ll journey, come what may,
Hand in hand, through night and day,
Our hearts as guides, our souls aligned,
In the embrace of love, forever entwined.

In this trust, we’ll find our way,
Choosing each other, come what may,
For destiny has brought us here to stay,
In love’s sweet melody, we’ll find our way.
Carl Fynn Oct 2023
Under the silver moon’s soft, shimmering grace,
By a crackling bonfire’s warm embrace,
We stand together, hearts a hesitant dance,
In this night of cold, where love takes its chance.

The sea whispers secrets, ancient and wise,
In the language of waves, under starry skies,
As uncertainty lingers, our hearts do confess,
The love we both want, yet dare not caress.

But in the fire’s glow, our souls take flight,
Burning with longing, in the cold of the night,
Your eyes, like stars, in the midnight’s domain,
Draw me in closer, like a moth to the flame.

A genuine love, our hearts softly confess,
In the hush of the night, a tender finesse,
With each stolen glance, and each silent sigh,
Our attraction grows stronger, our spirits comply.

Sensible romance, in the moon’s gentle gleam,
A fragile connection, like a half-formed dream,
In the early days of love, we find our way,
Guided by moonlight, to the break of day.

So let’s embrace this moment, love so sincere,
By the bonfire’s glow, and the sea’s whispered cheer,
In the night, our love story begins to take flight,
Underneath the moon’s gaze, our hearts unite.
Carl Fynn Oct 2023
In the quiet of love's gentle scream,
Sacrifice and selflessness find rest.

In choices made, our hearts define,
The beauty and depth of love's design.

Yet love can be a tempest, it's true,
A storm that tests, a sky turned blue.

But when reciprocated, it's a radiant bloom,
A simple, profound, and endless boon.
Carl Fynn Oct 2023
love's enigma, I'm lost in a haze,
Confusion and longing, like an endless maze.

Falling in love, a sweet, dizzying spell,
Yet staying in love, the tale I long to tell.

Through the chaos and doubt, I still search,
Love's embrace, my heart can't resist.

I yearn for its depths, its highs and its grace,
In the dance of love, I find my place.
Carl Fynn Feb 2022
Things change, pain subsides

Memories fade, the future spares

Thought unsaid, screams through your scowl

Take my love and trade your pain.
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