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Carl Fynn Feb 20
Things change, pain subsides

Memories fade, the future spares

Thought unsaid, screams through your scowl

Take my love and trade your pain.
Carl Fynn Sep 2021
Speak with me
I understand your language
I don't speak it

Speak with me
I want to listen
I can't hear

Speak with me
I feel it
I don't have to hear

Speak with your eyes
Shout with your smile

Does the language matter?
I hear you loud and clear

Speak with me
Speak my language

Speak Joy
Speak peace
Speak love

Speak with me
I want to listen
I cant hear

Speak our language

Speak sincerity
Speak truth

I can hear you now
I understand you

I know love
Nothing else matters
Carl Fynn Jul 2021
Sleep and wake in fear
Spirits cause everything
Consultations and exultation to a deaf God
Fast and pray lest you fail
God is hardest to please
God is dead to us
We buried him in ignorance

False prophets - our ancestors danced with them
False prophets - our parents fell victim
False prophets - we are enslaved

I see this
I see that
Our demons never fight
The salt and oil we douse at midnight
They protect us

False prophets- we listened
False prophets- we believed
False prophets- we are enslaved

Wives hide nakedness from husbands
Strip from cloth to thought for them
Faith overburdened with naivety
Knowledge that redeems,
Lost to teachings of captivity and unrighteousness

False prophets - our ancestors danced with them
False prophets - our parents fell victim
False prophets - we are enslaved

The greed that keeps them afloat
Sinks our soul and glory in muddy waters
Shame only comes at the end
The end comes at our loss
We fear those we should love and love those we should fear

False prophets!
Carl Fynn Aug 2020
Lying helplessly in grace
Beauty buried in clouded thoughts

Stunning resplendency glowing in a thick fog
Eyes are the window to love
Character glues the hinges

Love me, love me your heart screams
Fear triumph in joy

The answer is the problem
Fake is real
Real is false

Lucky bird tweeting in the dark
Find solace in the echo

Some answered the call and fell
Hold on to your guns and hope

Till another echo reaches you
Lucky bird in the dark.
Carl Fynn Jun 2020
That which is created and known
That which is unknown but created

The word created through Him
all that is ephemeral.

Our hearts and mind appreciate
that which our eyes behold.

The lost longs for the hidden but revealed.
The word created without Him all that is everlasting.

Visible through faith
that which is known before all but unknown after all.

Key to knowledge that surpasses is foolish to the wise
truth to the unshaken well within.
Carl Fynn Jun 2020
Shrewd enough to pick a purse
To feed a mouth sheltered under a rain of curse.

Empty bottles and opponent as partners
The fruit of a faint love
Now mine to pick.

Sleep and wake to the sour taste of poverty
Cure in the heart of men that walk the street

Too good to smile at the tartered shirt
Too quick to point our direction

Too heavy a baggage to carry
Too light the burden I offload

Ran back to my sheltered nest
Broken bottles and a red eyed woman
From whence I came
To this world of pain

Opponents as partners
The tattered shelter nature spared us

A smile on the little ones
My motivation to attract a pointing finger

My tatttered shelter - Opponents as partners.
There is pain on the street... a smile can save a soul
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