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Salmabanu Hatim Aug 2018
Friends are our WiFi connection to life,
An ATM card in need,
A key that turns our sorrow into a smile,
A balm for our pain,
A moisturiser for our success,
Guardians of our secrets,
A rocking partner , a soulmate.
The foundation of a good marriage is friendship.
A friend in need is a friend indeed.
SleeplessTruths Mar 2017
I always get myself into this mess
I always let him tell me I'm smart, I'm pretty
I always let him tell me I have a nice smile, I'm amazing
I always let him tell me I have a great personality
And that he loves me for all the right reasons
And that I'm way to good for him
And I believe him
I believe every word that comes out of his mouth
Thinking he will catch me
When I hopelessly fall in love with him
But alas, that will never be my reality
He will never catch me
Instead he will message other girls while we go out for dinner
He'll comment on their instagrams while I'm sitting right beside him
And of course he will sext them, because what I have to offer will never be good enough
But for some ******* reason
I still can't stay away
And I get myself into this mess
Because for I am a hopeless lover and dreamer
And the will be the death of me
Snow Wolf Dec 2015
This world of color truly touches my heart.It bursts from imagination, into creation, into being and into destruction.
This is an endless cycle, a cycle of life and death. Ideas come and go, just like people, except for the exception, that sometimes they come back.
Like a blooming flower, imagination buds from the senses of the world and blooms into existence. It's petals unfurl and explode with life, with all aspects of simplicity and complexity. Already born and grown as it is, it flies, shooting like a star, but upwards, towards the sky of promise and freedom. As it flies, it sheds both light and darkness, and drops knowledge and wisdom upon the world all over.
But only the people who keep their doors of imagination open, and only the people who know how the world is for what it is, and only the people who's hearts are open to hope, can see them. And only they can catch it. And only they can hold onto it and let it run freely in themselves, until the time comes when that knowledge and wisdom, when that creativity and hope, and all the wonder in it's light, may finally be unleashed upon us all. Only these people hold the key. Only these people, will save us all.
Are you a child of imagination?
And are you a child of hope?
Not the best of course, but hey, everyone's improving.

— The End —