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Simon Aug 2020
You aren't entirely charmed to being whipped, if you don't take a moment to see what being merely "whipped" is even about. Showboating a charmed effect for something other than something else to "whip" itself back into shape! Lust! Ecstasy! All charmed effects without anything being whipped normally. When being whipped by a single charm defies ALL expectations for normal anticipations to fall prey to. Creating a very frustrating hypnotism functionality. Whilst also creating a very flustered trance that none can escape alone!
Charmed to be whipped isn't the countermeasure to some "doubtful" conclusion! It's meant to usher you forward without anything else seeping through to cancel out all incoming efforts (normal wise).
Lyndsey Jul 2020
And if all I get is just one kiss
let me color it with truth.
The anticipation on my breath,
the moments that I've dared to dream.
My tongue laced with flavors of desire,
for the times you've left me wanting more.
I'll nibble your lips,
and then a little harder,
the ache I feel when you're gone.
My lips on yours a whisper,
screaming the truth between held breaths
and words I choke on.
Vira Jun 2020
You showing up after years,
How is it going to steer?
Thinking of which, I go insane,
Will you be the same?
Will you look at me with the same intense eyes?
Again, singing the beginning of a thousand new dreams.
A promise of meeting after years,
a request that came from you.
It brought deluge of broken dreams to my consciousness...
Will it leave me as wrecked as before?
Mark Toney May 2020
anxious heart made sick
anticipation postponed—
beware second wave

© 2020 Mark Toney.  All rights reserved.
5/13/2020 - Poetry form: senryu - © 2020 Mark Toney.  All rights reserved.
Dave Robertson May 2020
Sometimes there’s peace
in this restriction,
you get gifted a lucid
memory trail that you can wander
with a heart that sings back
to the echoes within

At other times it’s fibreglass
or vitriol under the skin,
prickle-burning every thought,
flaring angered embers
that refuse to chill

It’s a sickness
that infects our wishes
and snuffs the daily ebb and flow
of our earned minutes
as we yearn for the next high point
where we can

No escaping
this fickle, clumsy spectre,
just a recognition
that its patience wears as thin as ours
and it will pass
Tran Thuy Anh Mar 2020
footsteps echo
through the high ceilings
of stony chambers
in my mind
their rhythmic paces
like a metronome
in perpetual motion
a revelation

but the cacophony
of thoughts settle
into dust
and the flames
inside my chest
the realization
that nothing is new
in this life
Tran Thuy Anh Mar 2020
Years later
With every record played
And every page turned
When fine strands
Of silver hair
Drape limply
Over her shoulders
And the thin lines
Carved on her face
Remind her
Of all the moments
She has laughed
And languished
As she sits in her chair
Of faded green
And her thoughts gather
In a pile of dust
In the corner
Still, she waits
And finally she hears
A knock on the door
And turns the ****
With bated breath
Heart leaping
Then heart falling
Expecting someone
But finding no one
Standing before her
Years later
Poetic T Feb 2020
We ponder outside,
                        where luminosity is dulled,

but no matter the dullness.

                  The beauty  of our view isn't stagnated.
Aneesh H Jan 2020
The Sun rose in the East
Mother Earth demurely smiled
And a crimson spread across the East
And their love did a hundred flowers bloom
the bees buzzed, the wind swayed, the bird
A new song did sing
It is Spring!
Spring is a season of joy. The gloom of winter is cured by the friendly, lively warmth of Spring. Spring brings hope, cheer and new energy. It is the season of love. In India, it is also the season of harvest festival as well as Basant Panchami, the festival to worship Mother Saraswati, the Goddess of learning. Also, an Indian version of the valentines day: a festival of passion, anticipation and preparation for the upcoming season of bloom.

During harvest festival, worship of Mother Earth signifies the deification of the only planet we have, thereby spreading the message of sustainability and healthy living.
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