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Michael H May 27
is imperative
and difficult

we work alongside
your regimen
you control me

And I like it
377 I wanted to post another poem that was really good, but ought be kept alone - so I thought to post this one. I like poems like this, and it is more true than you would think ;)
Johnny walker Jan 22
I know my sweetheart lies In wait for me given time one day soon that's where I will surely
To lay along side her to keep her company In winter time the place she lays becomes so cold and very lonely
But come summer and flowers will bloom again and warm the place too
where darling
The birds will sing again there happy joyful songs to spread their love all around her grave where I laid my darling down to rest
One day soon that will also be the to where I'll rest along aside my true love to keep her company
My final resting will be alongside my true love Helen to keep her company
Alice R-P Jun 2015
Grey skies,
Green eyes,
Yellow autumn leaves.
Your hand
Against my cheek,
Caressing it tenderly.

Piercing weather,
Warm embrace,
There isn't much I need.
Howling wind,
At peace inside,
I'll follow You, just lead.

Heavy rainfall,
Lightness within,
It feels like a calming song.
No why's,
Only highs,
Alongside You I belong.
Sarah M Gillihan Dec 2014
My mind is wasted

On disgrace and hate

My life moves

At a 100 mile rate

I want to find an exit

But the highway just goes on

My heart beats fast

And everything seems wrong

I’m a skinny little nothing

A failure at the least

I’m dead at the most

I couldn’t defeat the beast

— The End —