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Pusang Tahimik Feb 2019
Buhay ang tula
Dulo ay may tugma
Mga salita'y umaakma
Sa damdamin ng may akda

Huwag ka'ng mabibigla
At manatili na mamangha
Sa mga liham na katha
Na isip ang lumikha

Ang pagsuyo ay makata
Na walang pag-aakala
Ang tiyakin ay abala
Tiyak **** makikita

Ang paksa ng tula
Ay tiyak sa simula
Suriin ang salita
Sa puso ay nagmula

Ikaw ay mapapaibig
At titikom ang bibig
Manlalambot ang bisig
Sa tula na may tinig
Adrian Jan 2015
There was One,
One lad who sat by a tree,
He glanced over the skies above,
With an empty look,
and mouth shut thight closed,
his heart yelled on top of his veins.

Then there was Two,
Glancing over the skies with a longing heart.
The skies opened, radiant and bright,
His face radiated, joy was born.
His empty heart was filled with hope.

Then there was Three,
with a heart filled with Hope and a face that radiates joy,
The young lad set forth in a journey,
An everlasting journey that demands nothing more but his life.
Climbing, crawling, traversing countless terrains,
It was the journey he was born for.

Then there was Four,
Years had passed, and countless lands covered,
The young lad grew tired,
He looked at the skies with an empty look as he did before,
Yet this time he yelled, he yelled on top of his lungs.
There was none, a quiet breeze blew. He was lonely

Yet a gentle breeze does not mean the heavens had not heard.
As he felt the cold breeze rushed over his skin, slowly he felt warmth,
a warmth over his heart as he turned and saw a maiden dressed in pink

Now there is Five,
The lad and the maiden,
Journeying together, they became the best to one another.
Nothing was to be compared with their bond,
Friendship grew, yet love grew bigger.

They held each others hands, As they follow the call of the One Above.
Late upload sorry
Adrian Jan 2015
Teach me to look at the past like you do .........

I want to see what you see,
I want to think what you think......

That I won't be able to hurt you anymore....

I love you
Adrian Jan 2015
I was sitting in a dark corner
Clueless and helpless.

But you came and You thought me love.

A Love that perseveres.
A Love that knows no hate.
A Love that forgive and forgets.

A love that never ends.
A Love that captivated me.

A love that chased after my stubborn heart.
A love that kept pursuing me when I ran.
A love that kept me from dying countless times.
A love that sacrificed his own.

A love that you told to share.

You thought me love.

And now I love,
Though far from your glory,
I keep striving, striving to be like you.
To love like you did. To persevere like you, to be selfless and humble like you.

Now I love.
Like yours my love is till forevermore.
Help me Lord. I want to love like you do.
Adrian Jan 2015
I will wait

From nightfall till daybreak,
I will wait.

Till your heart returns to my arms,
I will wait.

Till you see love through my wounds,
I will wait.

Till your eyes can see me again,
I will wait.

Till you return my love. I will wait.

For I live by my word. I love you and will love you till forever.

I will wait with a patient heart.
Although fears envelops my heart.

My God is beside me, He ensures me of your return.

Hasten O Lord, hasten your call. Because pain is eating my heart away.
Adrian Jan 2015
Oh how could I be...

How could i be your perfect man.
who meets all expectations and fills the desires of your heart.

How could i be selfless without doubt.
That i do not think of myself for 1 second.

How could i be the man you had dreamed about. Fulfilling every fantasy you had made.

How could i be blameless before you. Not a speck of dirth in my records.

How could i be your perfect man. I'm trying.. I'm trying hard. To the point of losing myself. I tried hard. But i keep losing.

Losing because i couldn't be perfect for you.
Adrian Jan 2015
Let us start fresh,

Fresh like a morning dew,
Fresh like the serenity a harp brings forth,
Let our hearts collide again with peace and love.

Let love flourish, let love flow.

As the rivers stream forth,
We may hit waves and rocks,
But nevertheless, our flow will go on.

And It will go on till forever.

Our flow will conquer valleys, hills and mountains.
And share life to dry and wasted lands.

So let us start fresh.
Leaving every wound and scar,
Let us give our farewells and leave our regrets behind.

With eyes fixed sealed tight
let us go,
go to the place prepared for us.
let us start fresh.
Adrian Dec 2014
More precious than gold,
More precious than pearls
Is our time spent together,

Every smile, every laugh,
Every tears, every trials,
Every joy, every pain,
Every hugs, every story

Every moment we share,
Is unmatched by any other.

your aroma over my nose,
your palms against mine,
Your voice through my ears,

Etched in my heart is your name.

But let not these precious moments enengulf us, for more are yet to come.

Every moment we spend together,
Is more precious than any other.
Adrian Dec 2014
You made a poet in me.

A poet with passion burried beneth  
A poet who lives in the name of love.
A poet who writes because mere words are not enough to express.

To express how much i love
To express how much i crave
To express how much i long for you.

You made a poet in me.

A poet who loves you.
Adrian Dec 2014
Our bond was strong and thight,
We could not find a reason fall apart.

We were anything but normal,
our passion for each other were matchless,
in its own way.

Because of you, my worst has be revealed.
Because I kept no boundaries with you.
I poured everything, everything that was in my heart
at my worst i am cowardlyand full of insecurities and fears,
I showed you,
I wanted you to see the real me. the ugly me.

beyond that, you also revealed the best in me,
As a hard working provider, as a caring father, as a loving husband, as a brave protector, as a responsible best friend and as a prayerful pastor.
These traits grew in me as I learned to love you,

Come back I ask, and I will give you love.
Everything of what I knew that is called love.

I love you. And I will not give up. Come back.
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