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Carlos Nov 2017
Unconditioned to channeling the inner parody,

Actualizing the adaption of an animal apt for apathy, actively act in atrophy.

The vessel a fractured vapid faculty,

Of exactly the amount of human trapped in how not to be.

Lock and key, the property you deem your thoughts; a metropolis of atrocities.

Listen, don't listen, push and pull the pensive pistons,

Re-position, your decisions, until you got what you'd envisioned.
The cursing from behind the curtain
Footsteps loom - soon the gloom
Is fading, soon a light blooms –
Illuminating the edging
of this room’s draping
Do you dare draw back my curtain? -
Fore my heart harbors hatred, it only worsens
when you appear to divulge my death diligently.
For my love of life, simply spread extensively
so - lo and behold - you hold aloe in your ecstasy.
You left my life in brevity, akin a living enemy,
pedantry and jealousy torn ye heart asunder,
Solely at the thought of your loving maiden’s wonders.
So, you had the magic of Fra Pandolf,
you ask him to trap me on a mantle.
“That’s my last Duchess painted on the wall,
Looking as if she were alive.” I bawl
and sob, - so frightened - as you recall the night when
Fra Pandolf’s drawing caught my likeness.
I am now caught inside it, you hold court before me
Talk of passion, power and –and of course- our sordid story
I saw you order sell-swords to execute me  
Peasants pulled me to the roof, whence they threw me
Now you see me cursed with wrath
When you pull this curtain back
Not a word is heard, Alas
‘Till this castle burns to ash
Another Creative Writing exercise: Adapted from Robert Browning's My Last Duchess
To-day we have repetition of parts.
Yesterday we had yesterday, tomorrow morning, we have tomorrow morning.
but to-day, To-day we have the repetition of parts.
While spies under the guise of dark, disguise our art.
To-day we have the repetition of parts.

To-day we have retaliation of their arts, yesterday we had yesterday, tomorrow morning, we have tomorrow; mourning.
But to-day, to-day we have replication of parts.
Bright minds might find a start, but requital is the name of our art.
To-day we have a revenge on our part.

To-day we have the reappropriation of purple hearts,
yesterday we had yesterday,
and the morrows sorrow follow furrowed brows on our enemies part.
Harrowing barrows and gallows are swallowed, by the dark.
Redundancy is a common commodity of ours.

To-day we have a thorough reconnaissance of our purplish hearts, yesterday will bring young blood to further our course.
to-day we will re-vitalize their wars, and re-cycle their arms.
We will retaliate, for every heart they have scarred.
To-night we will light up the dark. Insha’Allah.

To-night we have reciprocation of parts; re-coil; re-load; re-align reticle,
re-coil; re-load; re-align reticle; re-coil; re-load; rinse and re-peat.
a place of peace seems preposterously far,
as we keep firing into the dark.
To-day we have reciprocation of parts.

To-day we have repetition of parts.
Yesterday we had yesterday, tomorrow morning, we have tomorrow morning.
but to-day, To-day we have the repetition of parts.
Writing as part of a Creative Writing course at my university.
Inspired by and adapted from Henry Reed's *Naming of parts*:
Brian Payamps Sep 2015
Crazy how the new got old so quick
Drug dealing is the new entrepreneurship
Stripping is the new night shift
**** financial aid ****
Since they finish college but continue dancing
On that ***** pole ****
Gay is the new straight
Killer cops are the new superman
And cop killers the new batman
Since when have black lives matter
That's old news ****
Social media fame is the new news feed
And gangster rap beef is the new comedy
Kevin Heart is the new Bill without the pill
Obama is the new Kennedy not John but Robert
Hillary will be the new President
But that's just my prediction
Even-though 49 percent of me believes a Republican is winning this election
Since they are the new donkeys and Democrats the new elephant
Orange is the new black?
.... wait...
Orange is the new black?
That's a thing of the past orange been the color for Blacks
Poets are the new rappers
Rappers are the new fathers
**** is the new medicine
No need for doctors and nurses
Money is the new God
Gold chains are the new nooses
Since every ***** want one
D'usse is the new Hennessey no need for a chase
So much new in the world but I'm still the same ol' me
Cole is the new Nas
Kendrick is the new Em
"Drake is the new great Philosopher"
But that is in the words of the Bronx borough president
Since he is the new ***** of politics
But there's only still one
Ball is the new life
and hoes are the new wife's
Snitches are the new thugs
K2 is the new ****
Heroine the new *******
Pills the new crack
So much new in the world and I'm still the same ol' me
Black will be the new white
Peace will be the new war
But those are just my predictions
Since we lost our self-identity through the modern age of seasoning
So much new in the world as I predict
I'll stay the same
While the environment adapts to me
never the other way around
I'll forever be me
And these voices in my head are just the curse of the talented
Times are changing for the worst. Humans valuing the wrong things but I'm an old soul and we're build better, stronger, smarter. Please my people don't give in don't change. Let the environment adapt to you. You don't change the flower when it doesn't grow you change the soil. We are the chosen ones.
Kristin Kepner Sep 2015
Don't think that you never crossed my mind
I may not have you now but you where always mine
They didn't tear you from my grasping  arms
But the sorrow I feel in my chest is still vary real
I dream of you dancing in elgant circles around me
Sometimes I pretend I brush your long cascading hair

Other times I think of how you must hate me
There's not a moment I don't repentance my choice
Evey time I close my eyes I hope to see you when they open
How could have a cared for a child if I was myself one?
Every adaption comes from someone's sorrow.
Christina Dec 2014
The butterfly had to go through
a period of slumber
before it could awaken.*

There are holes in my heart
where some people once resided
and I’m trying to let myself free
release all that is me
breaking out of all they had done
basking beneath the embrace
of the sun.

— The End —