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Is it
Sound, but
Emotion too...
Tha Noyz Jul 2018
When somebody breaks my heart I become a cloudy day;
“How do I know it” is a funny question, maybe.
Yawning to the mirror, tryna smile with my lady...

Dear pillow might not guess my dreams are lack
Oh cute sleep, from that point, there is no turning back!

Year by year, my ego trip disappeared in the age-hood,  
Openly see that the great experiences are keeping on cunning you, too;
Unless you reminisce where that you came from.

Hurry up and catch my hopes before they faded out in red,
Always remember that your position brings you up filled heads.
Teach me not like a rabbit but regard me as a carrot;
Eat me if I dare to abort your mind from your skull like a silly talktive parrot.

Miracles are derived from infinite skills for the man above the clouds,
Easy to get these lyrics as well as hard to live proud!
Sonnet by Tha Noyz(Hasan H. Aydogan)
Samm Marie Moore Jul 2016
From the depths of my harshly
Used heart I sincerely thank you for
Caring in that unattainable way you did
Knowing just who I wanted to be

You always managed to remind me who I should be with
Obstinancy and
U*ndying fervor that left me behind
Patrice Diaz Sep 2014
Your name,
When aligned vertically,
Are formed into separate letters;
Letters turned into acrostics

Just like your name,
Are an acrostic;
So many meanings

So many words
So significant
So indescribable
So you

Just you

— The End —