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Mae Apr 28
Name something easy.
                         Loving someone.

Name something hard.
                         Loving someone who loves you back.
Sketcher Dec 2018
There are those that love and those that lust,
Those that stay calm and those that combust,
Those that hate change and those that adjust,
Those that spread charm and those that disgust,
Those that can resist and those that rust,
Those that trek on and those that bite dust,
Those that doubt and those that can entrust,
Those kept quiet and those that discuss,
Those kept weak and those that are robust,
Those with a vocab and those who cuss,
Those off course and those who readjust,
Those of the bold and those that just blush,
Those who rest and those who make a fuss,
Those who speak soft and those who are shushed,
Those not denied and those who are crushed,
Those that don't care and those that ask, "What?".
All started with me thinking about the differences between love and lust and how I wish that I could feel lust like everyone else. Instead, I feel as if I feel love towards someone who doesn't feel the love back. It's only been a few months, but this absence of love has drawn out these few months into what feels like years. She says that she doesn't know what it feels like to love, because she has only felt lust. I wish I could show her... but instead... I decide not to feel...
You've been hurt
but don't worry, Darling.
There are always an antonyms of your feeling*

Just smile :)
ryn Dec 2014
Whitest of white against the darkest of black
Tossed around in the biggest of waves; I'm but a tiny speck

Prominent like the moon out on a sunlit sky
Attempting to live again after every night I die

Time slips by... The days have come and then gone
Drawing the curtains of dusk; to unveil the arrival of dawn

To everything else we should be indifferent because for each other we truly care
At opposites we stand for I am here while you are there...
Axiomighty Nov 2014
I hear taste. It yells flavor at me
I see smells, they tell me secrets
I don't comprehend what I know
I know what I don't
My apathy is active
I swim in air, fly in water
Rain dances in me
When I am tall, I am short
I write heroic poems that never save

When I try to rewrite poems, they never hear the same
The sky pulls me with great force, towards outer-space that is inner-space
This inner-space whirls in a bubble that doesn't pop
In this dimension, pop stars don't pop
They super nova
And become new heroes
I see behind my eyes
With my pen
This tool can dig deeper than depth
Can reach further than space exists
Nothingness is something
But only in the way that it is the only thing that is not
Thus it
Is not present anywhere
If nothing exists, than this poem doesn't
And if this poem doesn't exist
Than a lot of teddy bears died for no reason


And just sense, and then make

And then
Start all over again
Because when you lay in ruins, it is simply an opportunity
To do things differently this time
And create a new poem
Out of the old ones ashes
Feel the tunes of the moment, and absorb them
Let intuition take control

I gulp these vibrations, these airwaves
And let their music
Accompany my drum
Together they prepare me
For the battles to come.
Addison René Oct 2014
light vs dark
wrong vs right
sun vs moon
take vs give
flower vs ****
outside vs inside
night vs day
pen vs pencil
past vs future
empty vs full
lost vs found
real vs fake
safe vs dangerous
left vs right
sane vs insane

— The End —