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Left Foot Poet Aug 2020
they hit you everywhere,
bruises, slow faders,
pretty much all over,
spaced out, body and time

some, they come back,
months, years later,
enticing, devising,
with revelations perfect,
you melt with helpfulness

some claim they are born
with only questions and an
insatiable quest for knowing,
but line in the soil tween rows
is there for you not to cross

some proffer their pain,
asking for ablution and absolution,
from demons they wish to share,
but refusing the smoke of my offering,
that could cleanse both our inhalations

like highway men of yore,
they hit everyone, below the belt,
stave breaking into the heart,
slow bleeding, with answers
received in absentia and silence

until the till needs refilling, and they
renewed, reappear, reformed, with
perfect words, even better questions:

my portfolio of replies mostly go/grow
old, noting the obvious, we are socially
distance by age and geography and
degree, I free and clear to provide while
they just free to hit and run, one more time
if you think this poem is about you, then it probably is…
After the burial of
A neighbourhood child
I  stayed in the cemetery
Where lash grasses
And weeds grow wild.
Out of curiosity,
Inscriptions on
I began to read.
At  the height of
Her girlhood
To her parents' grief
A lass cut  brief.

I noticed as runs
The adage
“Drinking one's cup
To the last dregs”
Few had passed away
At a full ripe age,
Some had  ceased to be
Of natural cause
While Others
From the challenges
Life is sure to pose.

Reading, I went deep
Into the quiet wood
As far as I could.

A pregnant woman
Hit by a car
A man shot dead
In a bar!

The clamour of
The  silence
Nudged me
While I still have
The license,
Repentant, my sins
I have to confess.

Then I heard from right and left
"Had we been  in your feet
We wouldn't waste a minute!"
"Your sins get rid of it"
"Do it!"
"Wash it!"
"Before God
You have to stand neat !"

"While in full harness
Sins ablution
Is what must come
To your attention!
Don't wait for
Days of retribution!”

Outside, I began my wits
To gather
To make an open breast of
My sins to
My confessing father!
What I felt after staying a bit in a cemetery
Amitav Radiance Feb 2015
Observing the flowing water
There is a feeling of tranquility
Which washes over the worries
Holding the essence of life
An elixir which infuses hope
Take a dip to energize the soul
Cleanses away the negativism
Remember, it’s a part of you
Connecting with your inner self
Rejuvenating the life’s possibilities
None greater force
Which can smoothen the rough edges
Life’s a tranquil flow
Amitav Radiance Jul 2014
Incessant rains lend a mystical landscape
Rejuvenating lives which lay dormant
Blessed with a new lease of life and vigor
Praying to the sky to shower us with grace
Free spirits are filled to the brim, with joy
Dancing to the music of happy souls
Running towards the end of the Earth
An unhindered view of the misty hills
Wondering, the lucky ones residing there
Who can touch the clouds and play hide-n-seek
I feel the rain washing away my last bit of pain
I am but a part of nature, sharing the happiness
Rains galore, fill each and every crevice of pain
With the new hope of life, from which we can gain
Mystical landscape, a breathtaking view
The rains have opened up a new way of life
Full of hope and brimming with joy, I welcome the rains

— The End —