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  Mar 2015 anon
Love felt like ripping apart your lungs and then trying to breathe.
Love felt like Smashing a glass bottle then trying to piece it back together.
Love felt like Being on so many uppers you'd have heart palpitations.
(Love felt like a night that you know the stars are out but there's too many clouds) (C.M.)
Love felt like A gust of wind knocking you to the ground.
(Love felt like finding comfort in a casket)
(Love felt like building a house with Popsicle sticks and glue instead of cement and bricks because he was afraid of commitment) (S.F.)
Love felt like Being punched in the stomach as you hunch over afterwards.
Love felt like Fainting at a sight.
Love felt like climbing into the comfort of your bed after the longest day of your life. (AG)
Love felt like Feathers running across my skin.
Love felt like Flower petals kissing my lips.
Love felt like Hammers knocking at my head.
Love felt like Cutting down a tree and then yelling at it to grow back.
Love felt like The consumption of alcohol.
Love felt like The first sip of coffee in the morning.
Love felt like Chain smoking cigarettes.
Love felt like The way he kissed me while I was still in a slumber
Love felt like Flowers in a field on a sunny day
Love felt like How my mother hugged me everyday before I went to school although I could smell the alcohol on her breathe
Love felt like Music
Love felt like The tears running town my cheeks
Love felt like His name running through my mind again again again again
Love felt like An invincible smile
Love felt like The way his eyes set sight on mine
Love felt like A new beginning
Love felt like Finishing a book you couldn't put down for three whole days
Love felt like Him Making me his world  
Love felt like puncturing my ear drums because I kept playing the voicemail you left me over and over
Love felt like Many sensations
Love felt like Love
anon Nov 2014
They always compare love to a burning fire
And say, " you ignited my heart into flames"
But you were the frozen furnace
The ancient stove that no one ever bothered to heat up
You were cold down to the core and I had electrical heat running through my veins
And everytime I touched you you gave me frostbite
I tried so hard but you were too numb
And sooner or later,
I ran out of match sticks to keep this pathetic excuse of a fire alive
Because I was the forest fire and your were the water that drowned me
anon Sep 2014
My second love was the darkness
And I fell for it,
In fact, I had an affair with darkness when I was still debating how much I cared for the light(not enough).
But we didn't become serious until a couples of months ago.
We spent two weeks straight together.
And even in the light, it would find me.
Sometimes whispering in my ears while in crowds of people, asking me if we could leave and go home already.
darkness was the only one there for me.
But it was not a shoulder to cry on, no.
It was the shoulder to my ribs that made me cry because of how ******* hollow it is in there.
Darkness taught me much more than a school teacher ever could. It must've been the way it pulled me underneath like a current dragging a body down do the sea floor. How at some point, I knew It was time to stop fighting my lungs and just stop heaving so **** hard. I couldn't get my mind off of it, it was my new distraction, the thing to think of during lectures and useless talk going on around me. It showed me how to be afraid of the light, to only talk when I must. And that if I shut off the light, maybe no one will notice the lack of sleep i carry with me under my eyes and the lump in my throat when I hear joy being vomited out of everyone's mouths like a disease going around the room that I'm immune to. Darkness was the lover that made me forget why I was still breathing. Darkness was the anchor weighing me down and the thing that made my vocal cords stop working properly, like their was water stuck in my throat and I couldn't speak my mind without causing a flood to **** up everyone else's day. Darkness made me think this way. It had me believing i wasn't meant to be the girl I was.. Had me second guessing the right time to speak.. Left me with no words to all the ones floating around my ears in conversations I stopped involving myself in. But I have finally awoken from the grasp darkness had held on me for so long, and I am now blinded by the light in the best way possible.
Ending is *******
anon Jul 2014
You’re like my old favorite book,
The first book I ever picked up.
I liked this book because it was easy to read,
But funny in my opinion,
Since it really had no words.
Not that you weren’t complex, interesting, and what not.
It’s just that I only called you my favorite,
Because you were the first book
I ever picked up.
You caught my attention,
And I caught yours.
But I grew smarter and got into chapter books.
They were long,
But worth the read.
And after almost every book I read,
I felt that they deserved the title of
“My favorite book.”
But please don’t take offense,
You’ll always have a special place on my shelf.
I just really love to read.
  Jul 2014 anon
Our mortal sins and fatal flaws,
our selfishness for "the better cause".
Our greed, our envy and lust,
our desire for acceptance, our ignorant trust.
Our broken promises and tainted lies,
the human race, the smog filled skies.
Just kind of wrote it.
What do you think? Do any of you have suggestions for future poems? Areas of strength, weakness? I'd really like to hear some feedback! Thank you for reading.
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