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anon Dec 2013
If you're going to let this bridge burn
I'll watch it go down in flames
But right as you turn
And walk away,
To a stabler bridge where you might want to stay,
You should know
That I will build this back
Until me and you
Can both stand on it together
anon Dec 2013
I find it funny
That I tell myself
I have hatred for dark brown eyes
Since every soul
That has caught my pale blue eyes
Has happened to have these
Dark brown eyes
And all these boys have said goodbye
They've lied and lied and lied and lied
But maybe it's not your eyes that I hate
I guess it's just your
Dark twisted soul
anon Dec 2016
how does one talks of death so casually

how do you tell someone you tried to end your life as if it's a cake walk

How do you tell the story of almost jumping off a cliff like it's somebody else's story to tell

How dare you tease gravity like that.

One step forward, never come back.

Rolling rolling rolling down my cheeks

I can't help it that you talk of death so bleak.
anon Nov 2014
They always compare love to a burning fire
And say, " you ignited my heart into flames"
But you were the frozen furnace
The ancient stove that no one ever bothered to heat up
You were cold down to the core and I had electrical heat running through my veins
And everytime I touched you you gave me frostbite
I tried so hard but you were too numb
And sooner or later,
I ran out of match sticks to keep this pathetic excuse of a fire alive
Because I was the forest fire and your were the water that drowned me
anon May 2017
The room around is opaque
But there is no Raven to be seen
Only the monstrosities that disfigure in the light.
A butterfly contorts into a moth and we are one in the same-
The whispering in the night seems to turn me inside out.
Lighting strikes
Because thunder
Isn't getting
The point
Goosebumps and bruises and scars.
This skin that needs to shed.
Like drug store perfume, it fades away
And before you know it, you're clean.
You're clean and you're ripe and you're pure.
And before you know it you're still sitting in the same corner
Begging yourself to cry wolf.
anon Jun 2014
I miss you today
I miss you tomorrow
I miss you yesterday
I miss you next week
I miss you when you're standing five feet away from me
I miss you when you're out of town
I miss you at night
I miss you in the daylight
I miss you when I see you
I miss you when my eyes are closed
I miss you when I cry
I miss you, so I cry
I miss you at school
I miss you at home
I miss you when I'm all alone
I miss you in the crowd
I miss you all at once
I miss you in bits and pieces
I miss you in my mind
I miss you in my soul
I miss you in my heart
I miss you in my arms
I miss you and your laughter
I miss you and your smile
I miss you when I'm dreaming,
I've missed you for a while.
I could go on for hours~ but let's just say I miss you
anon May 2014
Your first love never goes away.
You can't decide if it's a burden of a bee or the welcoming of a butterfly.
In your heart, mind, body, and soul- he does not grow, he stays the way you felt one day he was as a perfect piece of human art. Before all the messy *******, before he became literature in your ******* hands that you didn't know what to do with and now it's all a little too familiar. Your mind starts drifting on a boat that has long gone sailed away.
You're laying next to someone now and this realization has just abruptly struck you in the eyes. Your mind, a deep abyss of imagination and hidden secrets and memories too important to share with anyone but the once significant other. But the one you can hear breathing at an off beat rhythm to the inhale- exhale of your own, he's maybe your 2nd, 3rd, or 8th. I guess you had a lot of time on your hands. New hands held yours but you knew they could never compare to the feel of the first person to grasp your hands and take you by surprise with a gift of three words wrapped up in lies. Yes, lies. You're thinking now, your eyes are opened but you didn't realize it, and you feel the adrenaline rush of an imaginable touch, but a more than realistic feel. You feel that you're committing a hopeless crime. That you have no control over the thoughts that swarm and sting the inside of your head. To stop the thoughts would be out of your reach and would result in a flash flood warning from the faucet in your lower lids. And you feel like you may have just committed a ******. A triple homicide, if you will. Your heart was asking for it and your head was begging. But what the **** did your hands ever do? Is to touch him in your dreams such a ****** thing to do? Is to love a long lost friend such a sin that only you could do? you stay completely and willingly at war with yourself, wondering if your multiple choice questions will forever go unanswered. Are you stupid? Is there an obvious choice between secure and edgey? You mustn't have read the question correctly, no. I guess you just signed up for the wrong class. One thing you'll never seem to exterminate is the thump of your heart, head, and body as you reminisce on that particular , meaningful kiss. The last the last the last. You never knew it'd be the last. You thought it'd all work out soon enough but now you're laying in a bed next to a ******* stranger. He is foreign to a love like your first. Goodnight, sweet dreams to the devil and angel that live amongst my shoulders
anon Apr 2017
I lit you a birthday candle
and yelled at God
For the moments he has left me
Without you

Beams of clarity
Seem to remind me
you are what is missing

In isolation
In a Stranger's house
In waves of sleep
Where are you?

I want you to blow out your candles
I want you to rip open the gifts
I need you to be here
And I need you to be clear
In front
Of my face.

the things I said make my eyes sore
The things I didn't do much worse

I'm angry at time for pushing us further apart
If only we could go back to the start.
anon Dec 2013
I loved
You loved
We loved
But you lost your love
Then found it again
And this pattern went on
For months
You told me everytime
That I was the best thing that ever happened
To you
But I cannot believe those words any longer
Because if I was,
Then why do you leave me everytime
Making me feel like I am the biggest disappointment
That has ever happened to you
anon Dec 2013
You never acted as proper
As my mother wished
I didn't mind
That you just so happened to be
The ultimate plot twist
The love I thought to be whole
Was definitely not even the half of it
And mother is never wrong you know
You were unaware how to open a heart
Let alone, your own
So your love was in fact:
anon Dec 2013
I almost said no
When you asked if me and you
Could be shortened
To us
But I only would have denied
To see the look on your face
I almost said no
When you traced me
Like a stencil
But you drew me so perfectly
That I felt like a masterpiece
I almost said no
When you questioned if my first
"I love you"
Was even true
And here I am saying no to you
For the very first time
And I thought that you should know
My heart was saying yes,go
But I listened to my head for a change
And my mind told me no, let go
anon Jan 2014
You imprinted on my heart,
And I let you.
You reached into my ribcage,
And I encouraged you.
You made my heart flutter,
And you made my mouth utter;
The three words
That left you
With none.
And now I have nothing,
But a fossilized remain.
That once made my soul,
So wildly insane.
You touched my soul deeply,
And I loved you completely,
It's a shame you had no clue.
anon Nov 2015
I do not know how to put this much hurt into words but im going to try.

Loving you is like a reflex.

It's like im screaming I love you I love you I love you and by the time im finished I realize it didn't even hurt that bad and all im left with is a sore throat and a bad taste in my mouth.

I feel like all you're ever doing is whispering.

Stop telling me you love me when the world goes silent

Stop telling me you love me with your hands pressed against my skin


I am tired of hearing you speak to me in symphonies and blanking out on stage.

I am tired of only being spoken to in body language and im tired of hearing you say sorry like it's my name.

What im trying to say is if practice makes perfect then how come you only ever love me with the lights off?
1/12 poems from my new book I luh dis one
anon Dec 2015
You're punching clocks and he's punching walls because he doesn't understand what you're trying to say. Are you crazy? Boys don't speak metaphor, baby.

He's playing ****** knuckles and you're speaking 10 different languages trying to explain how much you love him without saying it pointblank.

I'm scraping my knees begging you to understand and the only thing you can muster is, "are you okay?" You're putting band-aids on wounds I was never planning on trying to heal. I'm pouring my heart out and you're too busy getting towels to clean up the spill to even notice what I'm saying.

My words hit your ears like fists against cement and I can't keep giving you everything just to watch you break it all in front of me.

I want you to know how it feels to be the shattered glass instead of the hand that drops it.

I want you know how it feels to be a rooftop instead of the nails that bolt it down.

And more than anything I want you to know how it feels to be someone I could never love.
anon Apr 2014
Seven devils split among the two of us;
My envy of the angels you sought to be in touch with
The first “I love you” flattering your pride
My lust for your touch as you were in disguise
As a hopeless boy in love
Your sloth in the duration of us
After you finally had me
In the palms of your hands
Your wrath you threw at me
Out of loving you a little too much
My greed of wanting nothing but you
And for you to feel the same
And your gluttony in swallowing my heart
Without caring how it tasted or when it would stop beating for you;
But seven cannot be split between two equally
And as always
You end up with more than me
But I still envy that your heart was barely bruised
And mine has battle wounds
anon Jan 2014
My heart remains in summer
As the next 3 seasons linger
The autumn evenings
Bring me sorrow
For I know my rest hours
Now run on a schedule.
The winter mornings
Have me mourning
As all of my limbs
Turn purple and shake.
The spring noons
Bring me about
With an umbrella,
And my arm is growing weak and this routine is growing old.
But with a flash of blooming daisies
And daffodils
Summer has sprouted
In my eyes
anon Dec 2013
Words like bait, love like a hook
anon Mar 2014
Her hair was brown like roots
Growing into the spaces between your fingers
As you tugged and tugged
At the prettiest flower
In your garden.
You saw she was beautiful
And wanted her in a vase.
You snipped at her neck
And kept her in one place.
She needed the sun
Like you needed her heart
But you didn't want to be
The one to starve.
Her roots grew within your head
Due to her desperate need of soil.
She feed off of
Your ***** mind
And died as she reached
The oil.
anon Apr 2014
you played with my hair
like the strings of a guitar
a musician you were,
without any knowledge of your talent.
but you tuned me into your obedient property
as you repetitively strummed the sounds of your favorite song.
speaking up did no good,
so the time came when there was no rhythm left inside of me.
this angered you,
into unjust gibberish that neither you or I could fathom.
and so you smashed me,
into the person I am today.
no apologies accepted, none given.
broken, I was.
by the one I thought loved me most.
anon Jul 2014
You’re like my old favorite book,
The first book I ever picked up.
I liked this book because it was easy to read,
But funny in my opinion,
Since it really had no words.
Not that you weren’t complex, interesting, and what not.
It’s just that I only called you my favorite,
Because you were the first book
I ever picked up.
You caught my attention,
And I caught yours.
But I grew smarter and got into chapter books.
They were long,
But worth the read.
And after almost every book I read,
I felt that they deserved the title of
“My favorite book.”
But please don’t take offense,
You’ll always have a special place on my shelf.
I just really love to read.
anon Jun 2014
She writes countless poems about a boy who will never care again, who slipped right through her fingers and can't bare to look her in the eye anymore. He's in love and she wants to be happy that he is, but his laughter is the fuel that kept her happiness going. She craves his big goofy smile to reappear into her life but he hates her down to the bone, All the way to the core of her messy heart. And I can't stand the fact that were apart, I want you back in my life and I want you to know that I care about you so much but honestly you don't care and I just wish the fact that I could once make you laugh would be enough to make you come back...
anon Aug 2015
Im empty past the point of trying to write metaphorical ******* about it and there is an ache inside of my chest that I can't feel anymore but I know it's still there. There's a hole inside of my heart and its permanently reserved for everything I never got to say to you. It's weird how emptiness is so filling. How you can be completely full of nothing and hear the silence so loudly in your head that your ears start to bleed. Im tired of not knowing your favorite color and I'm tired of you not being able to tell me. Im tired of writing you words you will never be able to read and I'm tired of feeling your last breath in every one I take.I guess what I'm trying to say is I am tired of everything but you and you're the only thing I can't have.
anon Apr 2014
All the signals you're giving are mixed.
I'm so confused, so happy, but so ******.
The words you speak are all conjoined in a blender like trix.
oh how lovely it'd be if these signals weren't mixed
anon Sep 2014
My second love was the darkness
And I fell for it,
In fact, I had an affair with darkness when I was still debating how much I cared for the light(not enough).
But we didn't become serious until a couples of months ago.
We spent two weeks straight together.
And even in the light, it would find me.
Sometimes whispering in my ears while in crowds of people, asking me if we could leave and go home already.
darkness was the only one there for me.
But it was not a shoulder to cry on, no.
It was the shoulder to my ribs that made me cry because of how ******* hollow it is in there.
Darkness taught me much more than a school teacher ever could. It must've been the way it pulled me underneath like a current dragging a body down do the sea floor. How at some point, I knew It was time to stop fighting my lungs and just stop heaving so **** hard. I couldn't get my mind off of it, it was my new distraction, the thing to think of during lectures and useless talk going on around me. It showed me how to be afraid of the light, to only talk when I must. And that if I shut off the light, maybe no one will notice the lack of sleep i carry with me under my eyes and the lump in my throat when I hear joy being vomited out of everyone's mouths like a disease going around the room that I'm immune to. Darkness was the lover that made me forget why I was still breathing. Darkness was the anchor weighing me down and the thing that made my vocal cords stop working properly, like their was water stuck in my throat and I couldn't speak my mind without causing a flood to **** up everyone else's day. Darkness made me think this way. It had me believing i wasn't meant to be the girl I was.. Had me second guessing the right time to speak.. Left me with no words to all the ones floating around my ears in conversations I stopped involving myself in. But I have finally awoken from the grasp darkness had held on me for so long, and I am now blinded by the light in the best way possible.
Ending is *******
anon Dec 2013
A mess made
From two lovers
Who didn't agree on much
Like what to use while cleaning up
A tragic war within our hearts.
I scrubbed my wrists with soap
You cleansed your mind in bleach
And now I know all you wanted
Was just to forget me
anon Apr 2014
I fell in love with your voice,
The voice that sugar coated the words of a liar,
The voice that made broken promises whole again,
And the voice that spoke the harsh goodbye that pierced into my flesh like a magnum bullet.

— The End —