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I'm broke and alone
into a river a stone
a desert bleach bone
don't answer a phone
soo doo nimim Aug 2021
I think the world has had its fill

And soon humanity must pay its bill
Oh my love for you
Is so true you make
My heart beat for you
You give me so much
Love every day,
I'm forever in love with you
With every touch,
I fall in love with you
Every beat of my heart
Is for you,
Because I love you..
True Love 💕
Suspended in time
Weightless and unworried
We hang on to the moment
Sedated magic unhurried

His scent is captivating and wild
Forever embedded in my brain
Masculine and crisp
A few hints of the earth after a rain

Insecurities held at bay
I live inside your sanctuary
Your embrace keeps me safe
My senses relaxed and unwary
soo doo nimim Jun 2020
We are living in a time when we are all so significant and insignificant and yet all some choose to do, is sit and watch.
soo doo nimim Jun 2020
Slowly the world is shifting back to normal
So am I, going back to being empty and dull
Because of this, the pain will come in double
  Jun 2020 soo doo nimim
I love you
from behind the window
behind the curtain
of your orbit
I love you madly
without your notice
the way the moon loves
with all her scars
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