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  Jun 2020 soo doo nimim
Cailey Weaver
I'm letting you go, now.

I wasn't sure where to start.

But it's time to move on,

So rest easy, my heart.
  Jun 2020 soo doo nimim
the guitar riff
strums my heartstrings ,
plucking and letting go
with the soft unmarred hands of a child.
time turns one last time
before this memory too,
as half of my essence had before.
leaving my marred hand
with no story.
the child is a past self.
I am so scared of growing up and forgetting all these tiny miniscule details of the whole picture which is my life. I seem to be forgettinng everything, every story and i don't want to grow old with a hazy memory of what i  used to be before.
  Jun 2020 soo doo nimim
“things that exist or are used or enjoyed for only a short time”

or in other words,

  Jun 2020 soo doo nimim
Grace Ann
I lowered my guard when you held me and swore that you'd stay
You'd stay
You'd stay
In your arms I heard someone laugh
And I think it was myself

       ---Ask anyone what the greatest love story is, and they'll give you a tragedy
Her love deep inside me
Full of passion and everlasting
Love beating inside me.
Her Love
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