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Ell Jul 2020
Droplets **** like
heavy bullets
petals massacred in pain
morning dew lost
in empty mist
a foreign heart
in metal chain

Echoes and screams
from hollow graves
ghost are haunting
a girl‘s sweet dream
her hope lies
on the moistened moss
I saw she died
in high funeral gleam
Farewell Q
Ell Jun 2020
that love still lingers between my bones,
time stopped, resumed in monotone.
you're tumbling, skipping through red,
my reverie, it's settled in flesh.
each cross shall guide us till the next,
we hide, escape, yet follow these steps.

if we by chance meet in the face of the sea,
let's keep each other company.
if i find you in the waves between,
my god, that's when you'll know,
i'm already half in love with you.
Enn the queen
Ell Jun 2020
I still write poems about you
the same way
a widow
brings flowers to the grave
each word is tied
to your shadow
led to the slaughterhouse
for muted screams
we only existed
in the gap of time
inside the silence between heartbeats
now our borrowed history
is fading
like the end of a song
like the last line of a poem
You have been gone
Im still here writing
Ell Jun 2020
You kissed me
with someone else’s name
in your breath
holding me with hands
that were made of promises
you never intended to keep
thank you
for pretending to love me
while his soul
was still carved in your body

in the silence
between  your heartbeats
I can feel a dream
which  I can’t quite remember
it is like a story
I always wanted to write about
but never I was able
to cross the unforgiving sea
Feel free to comment your opinions.
Ell Jun 2020
I love you
from behind the window
behind the curtain
of your orbit
I love you madly
without your notice
the way the moon loves
with all her scars
Tell me what you think about this poem

— The End —