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You are like the stars
You shine bright in the dark
Because of those luminous scars,
You glimmer even from afar.

I wonder if like the stars
Will you also lose your bright light?
Turn into a black hole with fading sparks
******* up all your might to fight?

Will you...?

Will you still be like the stars?

Now that she gave up
the fight against
the demons inside her head
please, don't be

don't put the blame on her
saying she could've asked for help
she did but it fell on deaf ears
she tried to ward off the demons
whispering to her every night
she tried to deviate
those dark thoughts in her mind
she tried to keep
the blade away from her wrist
she tried to keep
her sanity in her grip
she did and tried
all by herself
she tried and tried
until she succeeded... not.

She did.
She tried.
But she lost the fight.

We couldn't really blame those people who think that taking their lives would be the best answer because we don't really feel their pain. Maybe we understood the situation they are in but not the pain they are feeling. Don't go around saying that they should do this and that or that you've have been into worst situations than theirs but still managed to survived. Not everyone have the same pain tolerance as yours. Always remember that.

Let those pearls of sadness
cascade down your cheeks,
let them fall freely
into the rich, untouched soil.
For those shall water
the seed of hope beneath
until it blossom into a seedling
  Feb 24 solace and sorrow
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This becomes more evident as we grow older. What we once may have thought was a work of art, now because of age has fallen apart. When we started out we might have looked like a Michelangelo, but in the end I fear that we shall all become Picasso's.

Written by James M Vines
James wrote this little rhyme for me. And I had to share!
Thank you, James!

do not ask me silly questions
do not ask if I am alright
because I'll say "I'm just fine"

so please
do not ask me silly questions
i am tired of telling lies.
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