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Dec 2019
there is freedom in isolation,
in being idle and invisible
where one could sit in muteness,
swim widely in dusk and ask,
"Am I really here,
if no one is around to see?"
a different kind of suicide

there is pleasure in being a shadow,
in pretending you don't exist,
to avoid acting like you do

to pretend you are not matter
so you don't have to try to matter
and face the probability that
you don't

solitude isn't a time for me
to let myself free
but rather a time to free myself
from who I am

outside the confinement of company,
I am anyone and anything,
I am someone else, somewhere else
I am alive,
but I am no one
I am alone
Written by
Avreen  19/F/UK
     mister truth, ---, ---, MT Browder, --- and 13 others
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