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hiraeth Nov 2019
i feel like i’m sleeping through my days
people are pulling me every which way
all i can do is follow along
not much longer now and i’ll be gone
hiraeth Nov 2019
and now because of you
i’m always in a good mood
peanut butter and jelly is my favorite food
and i have a list of songs i want to listen to
when i’m feeling blue
because they remind me of you
hiraeth Nov 2019
her golden hair
and gingerbread stare
light a flare in my heart
and i fall apart
head over heels
this his how it feels
to be in love with a sunflower
hiraeth Nov 2019
apostrophes when she smiles
he’d been driving for miles
her smile in his head
like bumps in the road
too many things unsaid
and things spoken he couldn’t decode
but he thought of her instead
and the way her smile glowed
hiraeth Nov 2019
i didn’t think i would survive
but now i realize that
after all of this existing
i'm not just alive
but living
hiraeth Nov 2019
‪i wish i could sing ‬
‪so i can write you a song‬

‪i wish i could make art ‬
‪so i can paint you‬

‪i wish i had better handwriting‬
‪so i can write you a letter ‬

‪i wish i could drive‬
‪so i can show you the world ‬

‪i wish you knew what you mean to me‬

i wish i could show you how i feel
hiraeth Nov 2019
the moonlight illuminated her face
it was in that moment i realized she could not be replaced
her eyelashes were wet but she stayed in my embrace
my sleeve brushed her cheek trying to erase her sadness
wider than outer space

but the next day she was gone
without a trace
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