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 Aug 2016 SeyiEagle
Star Gazer
Time is forever changing
Yet my heart is forever vacant.
[The vacant lots
Where hatred rots,
Not out of a lack of love
But an abundance of being never good enough]
 Aug 2016 SeyiEagle
To see the star shine
Or be the star shine?

© Copyright SE August 2016
Simple question.
 Aug 2016 SeyiEagle
Written in July 14, 2016

Spring the leaf is born
And summer the leaf has grown
Then when autumn has arrived

The golden leaves
Will whisper
Good bye
To the branches
That once form
Part of the tree

Silently the leaf will collapse
On the ground
With no sound

Kneeling down
It will lay down till
They become dust

Meanwhile the wild
The sentimental memories
The shadows of the wind

Will make the leaves that lay down in the ground
Speak to the shadows
Of the remains
Of the presence

Till it slowly
And lonely fade away........
Copyright © 2016 D.E.T All Rights Reserved
With my weary feet, still I trudge
chastised soul still wanders
broken heart still thumping
Because of a tomorrow yet to be lived.
A brighter day where all my agony becomes nothing but memories
Where the sunshine doesn't keep me locked in
And dusk, the only time I roam the streets.
Ironically I yearn for a brighter day, yet the darkness seems to be my only abode.

Melancholy knocks on my door, tells me he wants to visit
He slithers in whether I turn my door **** or not.
Loneliness—the visitor that never leaves
On my grey couch he sits
I could've befriended thee, but he never talks back.
Then at nightfall, I await the terror that'll befall me in my slumber
Supplications I mumble just before I shut my eyes do me no good.
Dark shadows that lurk in my room kept me company
Wish I could say I enjoy their presence
But, fear was a distraction from the overwhelming loneliness I've had to endure.
So many days I've lived, but my tomorrow hasn't been lived.
 Mar 2016 SeyiEagle
 Mar 2016 SeyiEagle
Poetry  is  the


song for human being

and it make cool down

no fire can warm it.
I don't want to believe in this thing that we call love anymore.
I don't want  to believe that somebody is made for me.
I want to believe in me and in my future.
I want to believe that I can destroy myself and fix myself alone.
I want to believe that I need nobody to live.

But the reality always  hit me at night.
I feel alone at midnight.
In this bed without your perfume.
I feel alone even surrounded.
I miss you in my life.

I have to erase you to move forward, forget you to grow.
You will never come back and I don't want to crawl back to you again.
 Mar 2016 SeyiEagle
Star Gazer
He admired everything about her
Her unmatched inner beauty
Alongside her angelic external.

He had dreamed about her
For many many star filled nights
He had always wanted to say 'hi'

Her angelic presence scared him
Afraid he won't ever be good enough
He hid his feelings from her.

He took the courage to speak
With a tiny voice and a tiny squeak
He said "You're beautiful dear".

He fell in love with the most
Perfect girl anyone could ever meet
He knew he was ready for the L word.

The way she told him to shhhhut up
Or the way that she is extremely adorable
Is all incomparable to anyone on Earth.

She is the beats of a heart retaining life
She is the ***** of a butterfly, changing worlds
She is the angel who he had prayed for every night.
 Mar 2016 SeyiEagle
knowing that i left you
would you ever take me back?
despite the unfinished memories
and towered building blocks?
if you knew i'd disappear
would you never say those words?
would you cut me off our strings
would you never fall in love?
would you never fall for me?

missing you terribly, every single day.
 Jun 2015 SeyiEagle
sick health
 Jun 2015 SeyiEagle



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