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2.8k · Mar 2016
Please Forgive Me
SeyiEagle Mar 2016
Still waiting till you feel it's okay
to pick my call/talk to me,
Time is the key,  but i can't wait at all.
Let us feel the infinite, endless hour of talk.
No doubt, i'm a human, i may have erred,
Be angry with me its okay,
just don't ignore me like a rock.
find it in your heart to forgive me.
2.0k · Jun 2015
Get Well Soon
SeyiEagle Jun 2015
Each time i hear you are not well,
my eyes can't blink even while on bed.
Hearing you're sick, i don't need to think,
everyone know clique rhymes with quick.
The ill have made you shrink,
get up, and do these for my sake.
get well soon

You don't know how you look now,
your beauty had been tampered,
the look on your face doesn't fit,
like working in place with no rate.
rise up and bounce to your feet,
all you need is little faith.
get well soon.

i know you'll be missed in your office very well,
imagine the work undone while you're not there,
stand up and wipe your face clear,
sound health i wish you dear.
No other ladies can compare,
'cause your kind is so rare.
Please get well soon.
1.9k · Jun 2015
All coming Back...
SeyiEagle Jun 2015
Humm......i can feel,
it's all coming back to me.

the long distant echo is now sounding so near,
like a sweet sounding whisper.

my iris is more relax now, an evidence of closer view.

reverberation of its movement disturbs my hearing.

silently perched birds are looking nervous,
and are negotiating flight.

what a sure sign of it all coming back to me.
(wining back my love, my life, my happiness)
1.2k · Jun 2015
SeyiEagle Jun 2015
Don't look into my eyes,
if all you do is lies.

don't bother ask how i fare,
when you don't really care.

don't wake my feelings,
for just no reason.

and please don't fake it,
when you really don't mean it.
888 · Jul 2016
Hello Tomorrow
SeyiEagle Jul 2016
My flaws of yesterday
Still burns my hand
Till today.

Hello tomorrow,
If I can have your ears
To borrow,
Please, bring me no sorrow.

To the place endowed with rainbow
Where fabulous story
With splendor and glory
Will tickle my chin,
Hello tomorrow,
Please lead and I will follow.
I know not what tomorrow holds, but I pray it's good
718 · Mar 2016
SeyiEagle Mar 2016
Many are friends everywhere
fewer are they that are dear.
some care but are rare,
while some can't compare.

Some are short, some are Tall.
with some, we love to talk
their ears are often on floor.
while some aren't there at all.

Tender as teddy,
priceless like an ancient log,
as old as the library book,
they are always on the hook.

Handle one with soft,
'cause they are fragile.
Be more humble,
sumptuous are subtle.
a good friend is a priceless jewelry.
708 · Mar 2016
I Have Wept The Tears
SeyiEagle Mar 2016
You smile when you say those words you didn't mean
But I mourn for the words you mean but wouldn't say.
In Solitary, I would spent the night with grief
for the love that will once be.
Now I think i'm strong,
In ready for the story yet unfold.

Much things are they that I fear,
Though you are very dear.
Succinctly, You are so loving,
But sincerely, i see you going.
Oftentimes when we kiss and say Goodbye,
I feel the rift emerging bye and bye.

Just tell we are no more,
And I will remind you it's been long.
Tell me you ran out of feelings,
And I will tell you I saw it long coming.
Bring it on...
I have wept the tears
640 · Mar 2016
SeyiEagle Mar 2016
Thought i've finally had a choose
But now i'm getting more confuse
Maybe your body language, I misunderstood
My emotions, I shouldn't have let loose
I really have been playing me a fool
And I don't know what to do.

Words, once in belly kicking overflow
Waiting for the perfect day to blow
But in no time it dwindles
Now I don't know what more to say
Maybe they are yet to grow
Till I dish and let it go.

Maybe I should've hold a bit more longer
Or I should've never bother.
Maybe we are not meant to be
Or the truth, i'm too blind to see
I don't know how it's gonna be
I just hope someday i'll be free.
The Feeling is choking me, i've never felt like this before.
579 · Mar 2016
A Place I Love
SeyiEagle Mar 2016
When wave of trouble batter too harshly,
And life's fortune refuses its smile.
There is a place I love to be
When the road to stardom seems endless,
With all efforts but yet fruitless.
There is a place I love to be
When life's puzzles is so scrambled,
And the solution is far reachable.
There is a place I love to be
When the turbulence abound in drill
And I seek to get out, to leave and be free.
There is a place I love to be

When best friends turns foes
When my trust makes me fool,
There is a place I love to be.
When brothers i dear
Brings me slanders i bear
There is a place I love to be.
When all hope are betrayed,
And the once caring arm elbow me away
There is a place I love to be.
When my sins seems unforgivable,
And no one else I could cuddle,
There is a place I love to be

A place that promises no stress and worry,
A place often hard to find,
Buried in the garden of luck.
A place cool, calm And soothing
And its warmth comfort me on every side.
I could lay all day long,
'cause in there I often found solace.
In your Arm, a place to be
566 · Jun 2015
SeyiEagle Jun 2015
you held it too Overdue.

do you have to wait for me, only to say "I LOVE YOU TOO"?

you just made it weightless.
let the feeling flow like you've not been hurt before
482 · May 2015
sprawl of lilies
SeyiEagle May 2015
A gift from above they are.
Tender lilies who sprawl in skies beyond.
Like needs , they seldom a-bound.

A cause of laughter to those that are lucky.
An Eyre of hope for the newly joined.
But, bone of tears to the unfortunates.
The sole reasons for joint couples.

Joy unspeakable they brought to homes.
Some choose to walk in twos.
Many others embrace to walk alone.

Like Golden fish, that holds no grudge,
Like birds, who have no worries of greed,
Like teddies, with utmost friendliness,
Like Arrows in the hand of a warrior,
So are Children.

they are a rare gem.
they deserve our love and care.
Happy Children's Day.
467 · Jun 2015
SeyiEagle Jun 2015
I gave all i ever had to you,
it is so surprising,
seeing you break it to two.

You stab me at the back,
and then,
you twist it in.

I needed you to survive,
in-turn i got attacked.
when love hurts, and you wish not one
458 · Jun 2015
SeyiEagle Jun 2015
Beauty or No Beauty,
what I want is a Genuine Face.
You are beautiful as you are.
440 · May 2016
Love I Won't Want To Have
SeyiEagle May 2016
I saw this damsel in a restaurant sometime last week.
She looks more like a girl I used to know.
She glows in her chocolate skin, and radiant physiognomy.
Elegant, with dazzling eyes, she's pleasing to the eyes.
I was amazed at the closed resemblance, and was stealthily glancing...
But lo!
She caught my eyes.
I smile at her and she smile back with a friendly smile that dazzled me even more.
She had the same smile as the girl I used to know.
I pretended to be minding my business, then squinted her again, only to see her touching her neck in the same manner the other girl used to habitually touch her neck.

There and then I concluded that they would have the same behavior.
I just stood up and walked away after emptying my bowl.
Not Again will I fall
422 · May 2015
Deadly Sects (part 1)
SeyiEagle May 2015
I was sitting glued,
and watching my TV set,
when the news 'like an hot soup'
brokeout from the ***,
it is a deadly killing again
on this face of the earth,
perpetuated by the same devastated religious sects.
I couldn't hold back the tears
dropping down to my shirt,
as i trembly squint the highlight.
With grief they struck the innocents,
living behing no insect.
Causing the survivors a memory hardly easy to forget.
It shakens my biceps
to hear they were only sent.
What a cruel belief!
That turns their brothers to an opponent,
and a pledge to obey they made from the onset
let us live together as one
299 · Oct 2016
Life is Beautiful
SeyiEagle Oct 2016
Be a HUMAN and create UNION.
Be a CREATURE and understand NATURE.
Live in EASE and spread PEACE.
It's never too late when you're taken by hate...
we all need each other to survive
287 · May 2015
Deadly Sects (Part 3)
SeyiEagle May 2015
How many more souls are you still aiming?
How many more men will you still blindfold?
How many more women are you going to make widow?
Has your cup not run overflow?
Your anthem is '**** them all'
i wonder if you have an heart at all.
No one is to escape your Blaze,
even your messenger has to take his fate.
Oh what a blood-thirsty Piety!
Of what course is your fight?,
when it jeopardize the effort of the hero's past.
Of what course is your struggle?,
when the blood of the Nation litters your belligerent guns.
Who will be left with whom you will share your glory?
Who will be left to tell your story?
You can't always be right,
just a rethink might do.

This is our home, our hope,
our ground, our land.
This is our future, our vicinity,
borne on unity and tranquility.
No no, not now
will this menace cause disparity.
All we yearn is UNITY in DIVERSITY.
283 · May 2015
I wish
SeyiEagle May 2015
Darkness luck up the room.
Silent breeze engulfed the surroundings.
Quietness rules the moment.
I could hear my Organs kicking.
All thanks to PHCN. (power holding company of Nigeria)

To and Fro, my body rolls,
Searching for a sleep not near fetch.
Surely it will be long,
before the shadows go,
a bit lesser before the **** crews.

"ring" "ring" my phone buzz,
in the eve of the night,
the screen light shows.
yes! yes!!
it must be Her,
the caller whose voice my ears envisage,
her recent call, i still nurse in my Heart.

I rushed to the phone in a flash,
but lo!
Nothing at all,
My Phone was quiet as the grave.
what an imagination!
Leaving me with just a wish.
258 · May 2015
what a being!
SeyiEagle May 2015
His birth was extra-ordinary.
Good tidings he bagged from beyond.
His love, the deaf could hear,
His kindness, the blind could see.
So great but yet Humble,
A God, but He chose mortal.

His Miracle were countless, indiscriminate, and sumptuous.
Pure as Lamb, and sinless as baby.
For His love, hatred was exchanged.
For His Care, Betrayal was coined.

With cruel they strucked the innocent.
Blood finds path down His body, like a drink offering.
With great Pain, His body quiver.
He wept till no more tears safe blood.

To the place of the skull,
In the view of all,
He was Crucified.
Yet to all Sins, He declared.....
Jesus Loves You Still.
249 · May 2015
Deadly Sects (Part 2)
SeyiEagle May 2015
One, Two, Three. Four...souls are daily perishing
now around thousands, and it's still counting.
Can't imagine the pains it brought to much homes,
causing the country a greater abyss,
still they demand no appease.
Countless buildings and homes have gone ablaze,
yet they are not giving up the race.
many happy families can now only be remembered in the diaries,
pretty faces we can only recollect in photo albums.
Still their Armour keep glowing like flowers.
Copious effort to plead and dialogue
have gone down the drain,
and our humble supplications are all but laid to vain.
So loudly i can hear the cry of an innocent soul,
but from the beginning it were not so.
Beyond imagination, this is bitterly unfair,
how i wish we all wake up from this terrible nightmare.
240 · Jan 2017
I Bet You..
SeyiEagle Jan 2017
I bet you don't know something...

How I keep battling the thought of you each time it sprung up.

Like ...
do I really....?
I don't i.....?
I think I do.....?
Maybe I really don't...
Is it worth it....?
I really do...
Yes I do..

I love every battle of your thought
164 · Jun 2017
My Prayer
SeyiEagle Jun 2017
Everyday I pray she reads the lines.
Everyday I wish for the words of her lips.
Even if it is just a "hi"
I will definitely be pleased.
90 · Nov 2017
SeyiEagle Nov 2017
i still remember so clear,
how both we are so dear.
how we smile along
all the path we use to thread.
The fight, the play,
The good, the bad,
Much more thing we often share.

ooo, how time flies away,
moments fall by the way.
We are but a victim,
How things fall apart.
but i will carry on the pain,
no matter how it weight.
this is a feeling,
that have come to stay.

i will watch and pray
i will hope that someday
the sky and star will shine
as bright as they can
but if they wont
it's okay, it's fine

ooo, i will wait,
i will wait,
for any chance for us to meet again
BitterSweet memories

— The End —