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Styles  Aug 2016
Styles Aug 2016

I want to fill my mouth,
                   with your body, and
                               taste your existence  
                                                for all eternity.

Unrequited Love  Jun 2014
Unrequited Love Jun 2014

The most sexy thing about a guy has nothing to do with his clothes, hair or eye colour.

It's in the way he looks at you with longing, when you finally find out he wants you just as badly as you want him.

When he pulls you so close to him that there is literally no space between you, because he can't stand the thought of there being any.      

When he kisses you, so that it feels as if he is stealing the air from your lungs, and for those few seconds you forget what air even is.
When all thoughts go out the window and its just him, with you,in the most simple way possible.

Now that is the definition of sexy.

Pure passion is ecstacy...
Styles  Nov 2016
Styles Nov 2016

Place my tongue in your residence
and taste your ripe decadence
Saviour the flavor of our relevance
And keep the memory for evidence

MaYJa  Jul 2014
Sexy (10 W)
MaYJa Jul 2014

''You can still look sexy without potraying sex in pictures''

Harley Hucof Oct 2014

(S)ometimes i say i love you
(I) dont really know if i do
(T)o be honest i want more from you

(O)ther things on my mind
(N)ow i think is the right time

(M)any positions spiral in my brain
(Y)ou should be scared

(F)or i intend to get freaky in your bed
(A)rroused by the thoughts in my head
(C)ome let's play and you'll feel
(E)ndless orgasms ahead...

Words Of Harfouchism

Poetry by MAN  Mar 2014
Poetry by MAN Mar 2014

A Beauty you are out and within
I have an insatiable desire to write poetry on your skin
Your body my canvas feel my gentle brush
Writing orgasms with my erotic touch
Cinnamon lips I love your tone
Soft and silky to the bone
Finding words..be my guide
As we connect I come inside
Filling each other..there's no strain
Steady my thoughts I must maintain
Watching my penmanship using a steady stroke
I start hallucinating from my mental smoke
Sends me into a frenzied flow
I'll find my pace..go on a roll
My words soak in as you taste
My emotions invade your inner space
Down from your toes..Up to your eyes
Writing Haikus between your thighs
Poetry on your body every inch
You start writhing from my Scorpion pinch
Sinfully venomous my words forever sink
Into your skin my poetic tattoo ink
As you lay naked I visually feast
Every line of your body a masterpiece..

M.A.N 3-7-14 One of my favorites I really enjoyed writing this poem..^_*  ♏
Dolores L Day Feb 2016

I still reference you in conversations.
I still smell your flannels.
I wonder how soft your hair is today.
I kiss the walls of the shower just to hear the same pop out lips would make.
I wish I had endless pictures of your collar bones and eyes.
I wish I had endless access to your thighs and chest and that dot on your neck.
When I cum I say your name.
Your voice recordings aren't the same.  I want you to call and put me to sleep with your breath and I want this all without the repercussions.

I want you to be my friend.
And I want the benefit of you being my lover again.

Being selfish: it's what I do.
Devilgirlzdream  Jun 2014
Devilgirlzdream Jun 2014

Talking to my friend Vincent
Told him what has been going on
Told him about the whole
"Friends with benefits" thing
He just said
"Sexy ;D"

heather jackson Sep 2014

he growls
low & deep
in my ear
sweaty face tangled in my sweaty hair
"this is intimate"
a rumble with a giant hand squeezing my throat
"this you can not do with just anyone...'
& since i can barely breathe
i just look at him
a look that can only mean
i am

come back every night if you want.

worlds converge in a papercup
come, come you on the tambourine
me on the harmonica
let's make music without the adjectives
let's live on the jingle-jangle of coins
tara na! this pavement
is our carnegie; metaphors
sans adverbs -- no illusions, no fantasies.
you and me and this street --
dancing like gypsies on a prairie
later tonight, while the moon watches over
we'll upstage the stars
with sexy adverbs & adjectives

strong desire Mar 2015

Dude it is ok , the art to use it matters .

10 word poem
Bassam A  Oct 2014
Sexy Man
Bassam A Oct 2014

I want to be politically correct
  But the husband spoke and said
Why baby you said what you said

  She replied because you are
using your mouth
instead of your hands
If you know what I mean

Start to clean .. Do the carpet
Do the bathroom ..
Good man .. You are my hero

Nice ... how did u do that fast !!
Bravo.. Oh baby .. You are sexy!!

Shari Forman  Jun 2013
Shari Forman Jun 2013

You are sexy,
And you know it,
So be proud!

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