Your love to where your heart belongs
Is moved by words of ancient songs.
You heard and sang in your young years;
When old, you cry when your ear hears.

A song you heard your mother sing
And it remains in heart to ring.
Each time you hear, you hide yourself
As absence brings your tender grief.

A kind of dish or glass of drink
Your father loved and made you link
That glass with him that when you see
Past scenes are unlocked by that key.

A place each used and never changed
And what he loved he there arranged.
You've changed your house but those sites stay
When you recall your sighs they sway.


A song from far across the dale,
A voice so sweet of distant girl,
A warbling coming from afar,
All leave a heart aspire for more.

A word from far in written form
Can stir in you a raging storm.
You wish to near and kiss the hand
That's conveyed you that waited word.

You hear a voice from distant place.
You hug its tune in long embrace.
Your heart is placed in your fond ear.
The mouth-piece gets to you so dear.

Long distance you play with my heart
And make it shake and long to dart,
To catch that voice or that word in
And fondle it in heart within.


Old age, you come as a strict judge
To give the verdict you can't fudge.
You look at past events and deem
What was of value or brought harm.

You think of periods drifted fast.
How quickly, you will get aghast.
You think of actions or past norms
To give your verdict final forms.

This verdict either will give you
A hell or heaven in your view.
Heaven and hell start from the earth.
They grow as your flesh loses strength.

As your strict judge is your pure soul
Old age allows it to control.
At last, your flesh gets weak and dies
And your soul soars up and flies.

It gets the sole judge as it is
A part of God in paradise.
God gives the soul, but flesh has mind
When young, your mind can life decide.


I have no one to think of me;
A cripple none would see.
I'm thrown on my abject wheel-chair
With heart too void of cheer.

My years are running just like yours,
But no one turns his eyes.
For some respect my heart waits for,
But with no hope to hear.

Like you, l need a touch of love,
But no girl cares to give.
I am a cripple who should not
Have normal heart to beat.

Don't look with pity; l'm fed up
And always drink this cup.
Treat me as normal just for once;
That's what l really miss.


Suppose you were in place of Christ, what would you do ?
Would you do what they want, and they would let you go,
Or would you lose your life on cross to gain the bliss
As death would come so soon and save your soul from miss ?

Jesus was sure of that as He was God in soul,
And He had such strong will and complete self control,
But He aspired to show all men the way to life
As if they choose the flesh, they will have endless grief.

That remorse comes to them from inside of their heart
As they betray the Lord Whose love's no end or start.
They gnash their teeth and cry and find no reason why
They've made a grave mistake they'll recall till they die.

The Lord will forgive them as He forgave His foes.
He loves His foes and friends as He them lives bestows.
How can the great God hate those whom He gave their lives ?
And He wants them to love as He Himself them loves.


What can a man do when his hand is short,
And sees his little son look at a coat,
Worn by a cousin in expensive clothes
While his son looks at him with tears in eyes ?

He sees all this from far but dare not near
As his eyes also well with such a tear.
He stays afar and says, " l've done my best
To shun a scene like this and get depressed."

He works from morn to night and can't do more
And goes home just to hug his kids to core.
How can he hug them with a tear in eye,
And what will he retort if they ask why ?

Where will he go to flee from his own self ?
There is no place for him to flee from grief.
No refuge he can find from tortured mind,
Which keeps showing that scene to reprimand.


Friendship is a star that guides
Caravans with precious trades.
It moves through the sky with them
As with Magians it did roam.

Hard their way, but that star pleads
Brother moon, whose round face leads,
Skies of night not to be dark,
Stars to twinkle ways to mark.

Friends may come from far and near,
But Aleppo gives those dear,
Who get quickly into heart
Filling it with snug delight.

Friends give deep sighs of relief
That fills sad hearts with new life,
Which makes them to larks all ears,
And builds new life full of cheers.

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