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Bethany Oct 2013
It’s not about the materialistic things
The houses and cars are someone else’s dream
I want a home that’s filled with love
A place my children can bring their friends
A special someone to share it with
Who appreciates all that I have to give.
Who wants to work together as one
And shares the dreams that build our love
I need a rock, who is there for me
And accepts my quirks above all things
Who will go do things just for fun
Perhaps, geocache, a musical, or family time
I want to laugh more than cry
To fall asleep at night being held tight
And wake to realize it wasn’t just a dream.
Bethany Oct 2013
So much negativity surrounding me,
It’s draining the life from the depths of my soul
Killing me with each word, look, and gesture
The energy is dark and haunting
As the darkness seeps deep inside
How do I break the chains that bind
Demagnetize what draws it in
How do I find the light again
And remember... that I am good.
Bethany Aug 2013
In my dreams you creep
So long since that warm smile
Loving words and your touch
The feel of your lips on mine
So real and yet only in my sleep
My soul still searches for you
And yet you are forbidden fruit
My heart longs for you
Only to be alone
Perhaps in another lifetime
We will be together again
But until that time
I still dream of you
The other half of my lonely soul.
Bethany Mar 2013
In my mind I’m trapped
What if… a torturous thought
Am I where I’m meant to be
Or did I let destiny pass
Happiness doesn’t come easy
And the past is hard to let go
I miss it even though it hurt
And yet the present is so…
Is it possible to be caught
In the middle of two life times
Is there only one soul mate
That I am meant to find
Or can my soul connect
With the one i'm with right now.
Bethany Jan 2012
Silence brings doubt
Why do I question
Trust in myself
What I feel
Wandering aimlessly
Within my mind
Hopeless and alone.
Bethany Jul 2011
The shadow is always there
Whether physically
Or only in my mind
How to give love
To the one who still and always
Will love another.

Haunted by the love he had for her
Unsure of the love he has for me
The love of his life gone
Never to return
While I stand beside him
He being the love of my life
Wondering if a person can ever
Truly love again after loss.

Scared to always be second to a ghost
Do I stay or grieve the loss of the one I love
Tear drops fall from my eyes
Sorrow fills my heart
So much to risk and yet
There is love shared
Will time heal his wounds?
Or open mine…….
Bethany Jan 2011
As you hold me in your arms
Our fingers entwined together
A current of energy
Flowing from your body to mine
So strong and exhilarating
I melt into you
My heart racing
My breathing erratic
I feel like I could explode
From this overwhelming feeling
Your energy and soul
Connecting to mine
I have never felt you like this before
And I can’t wait to feel you like that again.
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