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Robin Russell Jan 2018
Shook off the cold monotone and dreamed of something more
Recalled bright memories standing firm on fragile pages torn.  

In my mind I hear songs that take me back to that place
The words are important yet they’ve been all but erased.

Remembering days draped in clothing that happiness wore
And the praises whispered softly…and the promises we adored.

Gazed through a golden goblet and watched the bubbles rise
Looked up and thought of you as I searched the night skies.

Do you know that I still think of you nearly every day?
Can’t help but lean on you when I think there’s no way.

Tonight I’ll raise my glass to the sky and look up to the moon
Shed the skin of the past because there’s simply no room.

You’ll wink at me from that distant star, as you always do
And remind me to live with gratitude for all that is new.

I love you.
An homage to people I love and miss very much.
Robin Russell Dec 2013
'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring, not even my spouse.
Sheba was sleeping quietly on her special little chair
And Oscar was snoring loudly like a hibernating bear.

I munched on Danish butter cookies and sipped some wine
While I typed this silly poem, trying to make it all rhyme.
I thought of Christmas memories made special every year
Full of love, lots of laughter...with people I hold dear.

I miss my parents and grandparents oh, so very much
But I feel them surround me with their sweet angelic touch.
Especially my mom, who made Christmastime so bright
Knowing she's with me always, I feel the warmth of her light.

Something I pondered as I played with words to rhyme:
"Cheap Danish butter cookies are tasty for $2.99..."
Back to the task at hand, before I drift off to sleep (I hope)
Heed the words I'm typing, although they're not from the Pope:

Be present in the moment with the ones you truly love
Forgive those who hurt you (though you'd like to give 'em a shove)
Give yourself a break for the mistakes you may have made
(You know, that cliche about turning lemons into lemonade.)

In the still of this moment, take in all of your blessings
Drink plenty of eggnog, eat turkey and lots of dressing
Make the most of this one day to be light and not cuss
Life goes way too fast...slow down and enjoy Christmas!

The End.

(I'm also out of cookies.)
I couldn't sleep in the wee hours of Christmas morning. I was piddling around on Facebook, eating cheap cookies and drinking some wine.  I thought of the family members I miss so much, especially this time of year. Then, I got inspired...sort-of.  My little pram was a big hit among Facebook friends.     :-)
Robin Russell Aug 2010
At that very moment, somehow you know
You look at me just so and emotions overload
All this time I'm wondering where you've been
It's long overdue and I'm longing again.

You're the only one who gets this right
Will you make this the perfect, restless night?
Don't need my dreams; I can thrive without sleep
For I bloom when you share your secrets with me

Every time I think you've reached my core
You peel back the petals and uncover more
Just when I'm sure my adrenaline's drained
You recharge my soul; like the first time... again

The perfect rose, it blooms only once
The scent, the beauty, angelic to touch
Though the thorns it hides may cause us pain
You'll risk it with me; it's worth the gain

Take hold of my hands; read into my eyes
You're the one who fuels this unstoppable drive
We'll get there together and rise with the moon
Don't hesitate now; I'm waiting to bloom.
Robin Russell Aug 2010
I dreamed it, I willed it, that's how it should be
That the law of attraction would bring you to me
But now that you're here I've got to confess
I'm not sure I'm up for this kind of success.

You're the only law I'm willing to follow
Everything to this moment suddenly rings hollow
The voice of your soul commands me to move
With reckless abandon I'm ready to prove

I feel the need to break all the rules
What I'm learning from you isn't taught in school
One smile from you and I color outside of the lines,
Forget about bedtime and drink too much wine

Your laugh drives me to run all the red lights
Skip barefoot in snow and stay up all night
Kiss you in public, confess most of my sins
To hell with sportsmanship... I'm out to win

The reason you've come is the law of attraction
And there's nothing that brings me more satisfaction
That I'd feel this way for you is so unexpected
I understand now how my soul was neglected

Your interest draws out in me every cliché
You started this game... are you ready to play?
Ignoring all the signs that it can't be done
Rules are made to be broken; that's half the fun

Your hand in mine gives me all that I need
To take more chances...risk making a scene
Your eyes convey more than your lips can say
Reflecting the promise of more on the way

Supernatural forces are infinitely stronger
And I could not have waited a moment longer
We were meant to create this breathless reaction
The only rule I need is your law of attraction.
Robin Russell Jul 2010
I have but three small images of you
(Besides the one buried deep in my mind)
Two of the photos you gave to me once
And one you’d never guess I might find.

Those photos, tucked away for me alone
Give me hints about who you were then
And how you view your life right now
I think often about what might have been.

When you were such a young and serious man
Could I have made you laugh once in awhile?
I know I would have fallen for you even back then
And skipped twenty-some years of living in denial.

And then there you are again at…maybe 32?
Mischievous eyes masking a soul easily hurt
Would I have used a dozen or more excuses
To pass by your office with intention to flirt?

I study the last image far more than the other two
It’s fairly recent, I’m sure, and it makes me want you
I wonder who had you smiling like that
I want the chance to have that effect on you.

Then there’s that memory that I hold close inside
Unlike the others, it can’t fade, because I keep it alive
With a lifetime imagined as if it had come true
Filling in those decades among three images of you.
Robin Russell Apr 2010
You won't be comfortable with what I'm about to say
How you won't acknowledge what you really need
It's not the fear of failure that keeps you away
It's that you can't imagine the pleasure of succeeding.

I'm praying that you'll come around
Because your heart's already true
Just take a risk and convince your mind
I will accept you at face value.

I want to study every single freckle
Because they promise more days in the sun
I want to watch how your eyebrows move
When my hair comes all undone.

I'll watch your lips say all the proper things
While your eyes can't hide what you really mean
They'll give me glimpses down deep inside
And reflect on what you're really feeling.

I'll touch your nose with the tip of my own
And breathe in what you hold back from me
And tell your ear what it wants to hear
Until I convince you to trust in me.

I'll trace my finger around your face
Especially the lines that frame your eyes
Directing me to the places you've been
And the ones I'll visit with you in time.

Picturing you now, chin in the palm of your hand
Pondering why you sacrifice so much to stay true
The universe couldn't shout more loudly at you
Just do it now. Take me at face value.
Robin Russell Apr 2010
Unlocked the door, back home at last
Insanity of the workweek had finally passed,
Kicked off the heels, slipped out of the dress
Let down my hair; my mind at rest.

Unhooked the pearls behind my neck
Looked in the mirror and began to reflect
Not sure at first what I started to see
And then my reflection spoke back to me.

"Hey, girl," she said, "Your roots are showing.
Don't deny the winds of change are blowing.
Wear that façade as much as you like.
But down in your soul you know I'm right."

That image spoke the truth before I did
Getting back to the roots I grew as a kid.
In faded blue jeans and bright Mexican tops
Bare feet in the summer and a tangled blonde mop.

"That blissful flower child never went away...
She just hoped you'd eventually come back and play."
She smiles at me in the most curious way --
"Hang on to me this time; don't let it get away."

You can mask your roots a number of ways
But sooner or later they'll come back to stay.
Let them grow again in the warmth of the light
With your roots exposed you'll know what's right.
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