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  Jan 2016 Sam Haidan
Michelle Garcia
She held more secrets than seconds in a day,
mumbling pained confessions in hushed whispers
that bled out like stab wounds trailing paths
on white snow,
painting a china doll façade made of scarlet
as an eloquent attempt to mask the fragility
she aspired to hold

And that is just what she did,

She held,

onto hopes dangling from the edge of skyscrapers,
breath permanently stolen from her lungs
despite shaking hands itching to let go

storing memories made of dust within damaged pockets
even when the weight got so gruesome
she could no longer bear to walk
with a soul made entirely of gray matter,
training heartstrings to stretch
and cradle every delicate moment
she feared losing
before they could even take place

She is the girl who will collect your voicemails,
hoarding letters like seashells
resting along abandoned shorelines
due to the danger of losing the soft breaths
of the only one who was capable
of breaking all of her rules,
who whispered her name like
unfinished stanzas of a poem
she did not know how to write

and fear alone-
of the potential that the ocean could swallow
the glass shards and kiss the remnants of her joy
before she could even feel them
splashing against the same skin
she never felt at home in
Sam Haidan Jan 2016
You tried to feed me to the wolves, you tried to end it all but little did you know that I wouldn’t go down without a fight. And now I wait. I wait silently in the shadows. You think I’m gone but I’m just feeding my flame and sooner or later you’re going to get burned. I will burn you and then burn your ashes and then burn those ashes over and over again until you disappear completely and believe me when I say that no one will remember your name.

You tried to feed me to the wolves but little did you know that I’d come out stronger. You’ve deprived me for so long and now I’m thirsty for blood and blood, I shall receive. Watch your back. It won’t save you but do it anyway so I can watch the last flicker of light leave your eyes. I was pure but you rid me of my innocence and for that you will suffer for I’m anything but innocent now. You asked for it.

You tried to feed me to the wolves but you should have known that I wouldn’t go down without a fight.
Sam Haidan Jan 2016
I am a destroyer of beautiful things. I don't do it deliberately. I'm just easily lured by destruction and the subject has to be worthy.

You were a particularly tricky choice.

You gave me love, you gave me light, you fed me with your hands and held me in your arms and you kissed my forehead from time to time, and in return, I did not destroy you.

You took me out, you lured me in, you showed me fragments of light I had never before been able to see and in return, I did not destroy you.

You put me on a pedestal, I stood on your shoulders and you didn't budge, you didn't flinch and in return, I did not destroy you.

But then I got dizzy from the height, my legs quivered and breath shivered and before we knew it we were crashing down so hard and so fast, we drilled the ground so deep, we couldn't see the surface anymore.

But I'd been there before.

So I got up, I found my way. I peered at you through the cracks and you looked back at me, desperately. A familiar smile took my face.
You found your way back after a long time and were never the same.

I will remember you as the one I almost spared.

But I am a destroyer of beautiful things, I don't do it deliberately. I'm just easily lured by destruction and you... You were irresistible.
Sam Haidan Jun 2015
I crave your soul,
Your mind and body,
The smell of your hair,
And taste of your mouth.
Devour all my senses,
Make me delirious,
Make me stupid,
Invade my thoughts,
Make them one with your own,
Until I think of nothing more,
Or less,
Than you.
Take me everywhere,
That you have been,
And have never been.
Or just take me.
Hold me,
Touch me,
Kiss me,
Kiss me softly,
Make love to me hard,
Until my bones quiver,
And your body trembles.
I am yours for the taking.
I will search every corner of the world
To find what brings you happiness.
I will cover you with love.

*You make me silly in ways that nobody else ever could.
Sam Haidan May 2015
every time i breathe you in...
                                         *... i breathe out poetry
Sam Haidan Apr 2015
Look at you.
You, with the perfect imperfections.
With the intrinsic flaws
Delicately designed
To strike my every nerve and make it twitch.
Your presence is an infestation,
A troubling invasion through my mind,
And still, it fills in all the empty spaces.
You, with the perfect imperfections,
Are here to stay.
And I would have it no other way.
Sam Haidan Apr 2015
Daggers. Guns.
Fire illuminating,
The once peaceful streets.
One or all will fall tonight.
One or all will fail tonight.

Helpless screams,
Awakening those asleep.
The once quiet streets.
One or all will cry tonight.
One or all will die tonight.

Chaos creeps,
Whispering to those naïve.
The once fragile streets.
One or all will fear tonight.
One or all, say a prayer tonight.

For unleashed are the devils,
Hidden amidst the darkness.
Unleashed are the angels,
Killing behind their shadows.

Unleashed are the devils,
Hidden amidst the darkness.
Unleashed are the innocent,
Killing everything that shown.
This one's about war, and how the innocent and brave are made to **** under the notion of patriotism, while the people incharge stay behind closed doors.
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